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Ladies, this is how to keep a man

 This is how you keep a man (Photo: iStock)

In the book of Judges, a story is told of how Samson went out to Gaza, saw a prostitute and had sex with her. The men of Gaza heard of it and encompassed him and laid wait for him in the morning.

At midnight, Samson woke up and took on his shoulders the doors of the gate of the city, its two posts and bar; and carried them up to the top of the hill before Hebron. Later, he loved a woman in the valley of Sorek called Delilah.

A number of analyses have been made on the weaknesses of Samson. How he lacked self-control and his inability to resist the power of a woman. I want us to look at the story of Samson from another perspective - Samson was powerful and an amazing man.

His problem was not a lack of control rather; he was a strong man who fell in love with the wrong person. Delilah represents evil and everything that is ungodly and manipulative. Samson was in pain because his fiance had been given to his best man.

He had no one to talk to, he was dealing with headlines and not details, and he had stored up the pain. As such, he ended up doing foolish things. The enemy knew that Samson was fit for the kill because they were waiting to take him out and the future of the home lay within him.

The devil will do whatever he can to take men out whether it is through alcohol, women, accidents or diseases. The men of Gaza were Samson's enemies and told Delilah to find out his strength so that they could take him out. When Samson fell, the first thing the enemy went for was his eyes - vision - because he knew what to attack. The moment you cannot see, you cannot progress, and women find it hard to follow a man without a vision.

The wicked woman knows there are things that the visionary man needs in order to function at his optimum. Men are needier than women and this is the main reason they need a woman as a helper. Even after Samson had killed a lion with his bare hands and killed 1,000 men with a donkey's jawbone, his needs and desires were not met. There are certain needs that a man has that only a woman can meet.

Delilah knew what Samson needed. She talked to him, not at him. A woman does not need to be a beauty queen to get a man. A woman just needs to know how to talk. You can be Miss Universe but if you have a faulty mouth you will wait for some time to get a man to marry you. A man feeds on affirmation, a man needs praise.

No praise can lift a man like the praise of a woman. Let him talk about his dreams and their benefits of them. Let your man know that he is 'the man'. Behind every great man, there is a great woman! Delilah touched Samson. Touch conveys care and love.

It is therapeutic; a form of communication that makes your mood lighter. Men are like babies who need to be touched and rocked. Delilah gave Samson intimacy which matures men long for. You can get sex from anyone, but intimacy is rare.

Delilah made Samson believe he was the greatest. She gave him a place to rest. Samson would be moving everywhere but he knew when he came to Delilah, he would find rest. Rest restores energy and it means quiet time. She put his head on her lap and he rested.

Delilah took interest in Samson; she implored him to tell her about himself. A woman needs to take interest in a man's dreams, his goals, burdens and even hobbies; this way the man feels wanted. Ladies, please understand that your blessing is tied to talking, touching, creating a place to rest and taking interest in your man.

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