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Should you wear panty liners every day?

 Panty liners help contain leakages that could stain your clothes (Photo: Shutterstock)

The question of whether or not it’s okay to wear panty liners every day is still debatable. Some people can wear them for days on end without any major concern while others aren’t quite comfortable with the idea.

Whatever the case may be, let’s tackle why wearing them every day may not be such a bad thing and also on the other hand why it may not favour everyone. 


1. Daily freshness

The vagina cleans itself every day. While cleaning, some discharge comes out and this is normal. Liners come in handy because they contain the discharge, so you can be comfortable all day. Panties might not secure the discharge as well as panty liners. So the liners provide that extra comfort daily.

2 They’re perfect before and after your period 

When you know your period is due in a few days, there’s that anxiety at the back of your mind. Every woman has that fear of ending up with a huge blood stain on their clothes in public. This is where panty liners come to your rescue. They’re a good back up plan in case your period comes unexpectedly. Panty liners are also the perfect alternative to pads on the last days of your period when the flow is lighter. It’s that point where a pad would be a little too bulky and a tampon wouldn’t work either.

3. They help with postpartum discharge

Panty liners also come in handy after you’ve had a baby. There is usually some discharge during this period and liners help keep it contained. There are thick panty liners for extra absorption and thin ones too. Pick what works for you.

4. They help contain urine leakage 

There are those times when there is no bathroom in sight. And you might be so pressed that you have a slight leakage before you find one. If you have a panty liner at least, you’re safe. Otherwise some of the pee will slip through easily. There are also those times when you have to pee but there is no tissue or wet wipes around. Panty liners can provide that shield and prevent leakages as well. 


Panty liners are great but should you wear them every single day? Lots of studies have shown the risks of wearing them on a daily basis and some have even experienced the downsides of doing so. Below are some of the arguments against wearing liners daily.

 Wearing them every day, however, could be quite expensive (Photo: Shutterstock)

i. They can cause infections

Panty liners usually trap a lot of moisture. This will accelerate the growth of bacteria especially if you’re using them every day. You’re putting yourself at risk when you don’t let your lady parts breathe. It’s not advisable to wear them all day, every day.

ii. The scented ones are risky

It’s even worse if you use scented panty liners. You’re more likely to develop yeast infections and many other bacterial and fungal infections. The scented liners also get smelly when worn for too long without changing.

iii. They can irritate the skin

That constant friction from daily wear can irritate your skin. This causes itching, redness and rashes in some cases. That means you’ll spend a couple of days dealing with the pain and discomfort caused by the liners which you don’t necessarily have to be using every day.

iv. Every day wear is costly

This is also something to think about if you want to wear them every single day. Those who are against using them like this put this factor into consideration as well. Using them constantly can put a dent in your pocket because they don’t come cheap.

Still, some women have worn them every day without any trouble. They come in handy for those who experience a lot of discharge and this makes them more comfortable.

For others, wearing them daily is not a good idea. It can cause a lot of problems especially if you’re prone to yeast infections.

If you must wear them every day, opt for the ultra-thin, 100% cotton variety. They are more breathable compared to other options.

Also, avoid the scented ones to reduce the risk of infections.

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