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How to love yourself unconditionally

 Despite all that is going on in your world, you have to be your biggest cheer leader in life (Shutterstock)

Life comes with its own set of challenges for everyone. Sometimes those circumstances can make you feel inadequate and unworthy of love.

Once you adopt that negative mindset, it reflects on how you feel about yourself and how you treat yourself.

Admittedly, it’s not always easy to love yourself all the time. We magnify our flaws and mistakes more often than our strengths and this can erode our self-esteem and self-worth eventually.

Despite all that is going on in your world, you have to be your biggest cheer leader in life. This means learning how to love yourself at your lowest point. And this is how.

Nurse your deep emotional wounds

The root of most of our issues is found in the past. The negative and condemning voices in our head are a collection of all the things we have been through. These thoughts have the power to shape your life in the present and future which should never happen. The only way you can change your outlook on life is by facing your past head on. Confront those old feelings and deal with them without judging yourself. As you do that, see yourself putting a band aid on those issues and visualize yourself breaking free. This is an important step towards nurturing unconditional self-love.

Treat negative thoughts like a passing storm

When a storm comes your way, you’re supposed to lay low and let it pass. If you get caught up and continue feeding it with your emotional energy, it gets stronger and stronger. We can’t avoid the negative thoughts that pass by occasionally. But one thing you can do is fight the urge to be sucked in so that you avoid pondering about them once again. You should always focus on feeding your positive thoughts instead of your negative ones.

 The power of feeling good about yourself lies in your hands (Shutterstock)
Accept that you have a lot to offer the world

Just because you look down on yourself don’t underestimate what you have to offer. Simple things like kindness, honesty and compassion can never be replaced with physical wealth. If you start measuring your value against superficial things, you’ll never be truly happy. And even when you manage to reach a certain level of ‘wealth,’ you’re likely to be insatiable. Remember that you have a lot to offer as long as you’re doing your best.

Spread positivity

People around you can help you realize your value which is why you need to surround yourself with good company that brings out the best in you. When you’re constantly with people who put you down, you start believing them and in turn reflect that same energy on other those you interact with. Being around positive people will allow you to help others realize their value as well. It stops the self-hate cycle that a lot of people struggle with today.

Hype yourself up 

The power of feeling good about yourself lies in your hands so you shouldn’t put all the weight on others to determine your worth. Try and make hyping yourself up a habit even when you’re not feeling too confident. If you put in extra effort on your outfit that day, tell yourself that you look wonderful. Again, if you notice your skin has been clear for some time now, acknowledge the results of the work you’ve been putting in. Hyping yourself up is not about arrogance. It’s about building your self-confidence as you learn to embrace who you are.

Don’t judge yourself

Avoid judging yourself for your mistakes. It sounds a little repetitive but once you start to understand the art of being your own friend, the self-condemnation stops. Mistakes and errors are here to stay so you might as well embrace them. Understand that no one is perfect including that celebrity you admire. Change your attitude about mistakes and stop judging yourself for errors you’ve made. Learn from them, forgive and move on.


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