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Eight types of people you should remove from your life

 There are people who, if left unchecked, can cause disaster (Photo: Shutterstock)

We all need people around us. Whereas it’s important to have a thriving social circle, there are people who, if left unchecked, can cause disaster.

You need to identify such characters early enough in your life to avoid unnecessary conflict and waste of time. Knowing them by their actions is not enough though. Kicking them out of your life for good should be your number one prerogative.

1. The liar

People with this perennial habit should be removed from your close network immediately. This person hardly ever says the truth and they hardly own up to the consequences of their actions. There stories are often made up or facts have been twisted often to put the storyteller in a more positive light at the expense of others. If they lie to you about others, they will lie about you.

2. The narcissist

Have you noticed that guy who brags excessively? He thrives on making others’ efforts seem worthless as compared to his. He disregards others’ feelings, has no boundaries, is entitled, arrogant and sees himself as perfect. Avoid this person as his actions can leave you bitter and with no self-esteem. He does not have any regard for anyone and should not be entertained. You will actually have a worse experience when you criticize them as any amount of criticism can launch them into a tirade of insults.

3. The critic

There’s good and bad criticism. The negative critic scrutinizes your every move often having nothing but negative feedback to give. Nothing is ever good enough. These people will drain your energy as it is so hard to please them. They make horrible support systems that are bound to bring you down. Don’t let their negative energy bring you down and avoid them like a plague.

4. The gossiper

Someone who can’t keep information to themselves cannot be trusted. This is the type of person that you cannot dare consult on any issue lest your dirty linen gets aired everywhere. Even if they are telling you stories of another person, avoid them knowing that you will be the next topic of discussion. If you are going through a tough time and need confidentiality to be upheld, avoid the gossiper as they will only embarrass you.

 The negative critic scrutinizes your every move often having nothing but negative feedback to give (Photo: Shutterstock)

5. The envious

These are the type who are never happy for you. When you achieve some wins, they only focus on what you failed to achieve or lost in the process. These people aren’t good cheerleaders. You will be pulled back constantly. Some even go to the extent of plotting your downfall.

6. Stonewalling expert

There is that person who refuses to communicate especially when wronged. You never seem to know what you have done that upsets them yet they shut down. This lack of communication causes strain in any relationship. These people are expert manipulators who only want to communicate under their own terms.

7. Self-pitying guy

He is always trying to draw attention to his inabilities, real or imagined. In many cases, these people crave attention and look for any opportunity to get it. This kind of attitude is toxic and will bring you down. It also makes the relationship one-sided as one partner is always looking for ways to boost the other’s confidence.

8. The lazy

There are some people who are very comfortable doing nothing while others do all the work. You end up pulling their weight since you will be forced to do their share of the work. They are not only are they using you, but their laziness could very easily rub off on you. If you’re keen on achieving your goals, the lazy person will only set you back.

Once you get rid of these people, fill your circle with those who add value to your life and to whose life you add value. Iron sharpens iron, so keep those who challenge and motivate you close.

What are you currently worrying about?

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