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Why some women are comfortable walking without panties


Here is something I have wanted to share for a while but have not quite got the guts to say it out loud without turning a shade darker on the cheeks, so I would rather write it out; panties and panty lines.

Every girl has that one killer skirt or dress that hugs her figure so tight any man would want to be in its place. It perfectly outlines your asset and when you wear it, you feel on top of the world because wherever you pass heads turn and jaws drop.

That guy you have a crush on glaringly notices you and just can’t stop hovering around you at work, sometimes this is the main reason you wore it anyway (*wink). You love it to bits and anything that dares to come between you is met with resistance.

Mine in this case is an ivory high waist pencil skirt I bought while I was in Mombasa. The colour, material and design was nothing short of perfection. I like to say the day I saw it we had a connection, it was like it had been sitting in that stall waiting for me.

One glance at it and it just felt right so without hesitating I bought it, only to realize later on my way back to the hotel that I was short of bus fare but what the heck I had the skirt of my life.

I kept it for special occasions like when I wake up feeling on top of the world and I want to kick ass at work or school, or when I want to look pretty for bae. Most of the time, it was for the first reason.

On this specific date I woke up feeling on fire, and ladies in the house can relate, I wanted to look extra pretty for me, I mean who doesn’t like to look at fabulous self in car mirrors as she walks? Every girl has some narcissistic minx in her, I know I do. So I picked it out and to draw more attention to it I wore a plain black buttonless shirt and black ballet shoes. voila there I was looking my best make up and all.

I wanted to keep the feeling alive with loads of pictures, so I struck poses everywhere and anyhow; with a statue, in front of the library, at the studio, you get the drift.  My strict instructions to the photographer was to make sure my skirt stood out and he did a pretty good job, they were some of the best pictures I ever took.

I was however not so happy when I perused through my phone later on in the evening, as I took a closer look at a picture where I had accentuated my dear bum, there I saw it, a panty line.

It was quite annoying when it made a distinct unsightly ridge therefore disturbing the natural scenery of my contour. I felt betrayed because it was supposed to be seamless, but there it was rearing its ugly frame and destroying my look altogether.

Alvin my trusted photographer for the day laughed when I pointed it out and even suggested I go panty-less if it was such a big issue. He even mentioned close friends of mine who did not wear panties in such instances.

My first reaction was a big laugh, then the thought honestly lingered a bit in my mind and I played around with the idea, but there was no way that was going to happen. It seemed naughty and funny at the same time to walk around the whole day without knickers but who am I to judge, everyone can swing to the beat of their own drum right? It is a free world.

When I couldn’t stop whining about it he suggested thongs and G-strings but I swear I’d rather go panty-less, those are not my thing, call me a prude, but they look creepy and super uncomfortable.

Anyway long depressing story short, I found a lasting solution to solve my problem so that I never have that feeling again. Super seamless knickers, they are so thin and comfortable and they will have you swinging your behind with delight without having to make routine checks to see if that line is too distinct.

Some people have no problem at all with panty-lines one lady once confessed, she can’t leave the house without one, some men even think it is super sexy but once again, who am I to judge?

My only issue is with the ladies who don’t put on panties at all but wear super short dresses and skirts, then go gyrating about in broad daylight. I will have to swing my gavel on this one and have you locked up for indecent public exposure, because truth be told some ladies grow a whole forest in their fertile Netherlands. Please cover your flower and spare us all the shame and torment.

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