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Caroline Mutoko shuts down Robert Alai after the blogger insulted her on social media

Caroline Mutoko
 Caroline Mutoko has put Alai in his place in the most commendable way     Photo:FB/Caroline

Caroline Mutoko has probably coined a most effective way of shutting down online bullies.

In a short syrupy sarcastic message, the former radio personality put controversial blogger Alai in his place after he resorted to insulting her over a Mutoko on Monday column piece she wrote in The Star.

It all began when Caroline asked the President to step up and do his job as a leader. In the Uhuru - Give heaven something to work with piece, she said, “Let me repeat it again for clarity’s sake. Uhuru, I know you can’t believe that this is the job. I’ll bet there are days you want to quit. Well, tough luck, this is it. The job description for you, goes as follows. President: a leader, inspirer, guide, re-assurer, admonisher and seducer of a Nation’s emotions.”

But what miffed Alai was the part where she says that the real reason Kenyans are angry is the option they have been left with.

"A gentleman I had a chat with said, it’s worrying when you look keenly at Raila Odinga (not with the eyes of a fanatic) but in the hope of him as an alternative and your stomach churns. Even as Prime Minister, Raila seemed unfocused, obsessed with politics, dazzled by his own voice and words. Sadly Raila has always been better at opposing than creating. What a hole we find ourselves in, in terms of options," the article read in part.

This triggered a slew of insults from the blogger on his social media pages dismissing Caroline’s intellectual capability, alleging that she slept her way to the top and going as far as insinuating that she had stolen her daughter from a hospital.

In return, Caroline wrote a message that deserves a spot in the sarcasm wall of fame.

“It has come to my attention that a lot of nasty things are being said about Robert Alai this morning. This simply must stop.

Robert Alai Onyango is a lovely gentleman of very clear passions and astute thinking. I'm sure whatever he had to say about me can only be commendable, pretty, flowery and wonderful.

Anything else can only be the result of a hack on his account or a creation of malicious people trying to taint Alai's image.

I do know that he thinks of me, and speaks of me often and in glowing terms;-) Robert - here's a Kiss and a smile to assure you that I don't believe the nasty things being said about you. Watasema, kisha watalala. Don't be troubled.”

If you ask us, that is what we call a knock out.

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