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A big booty won’t make your man love you more


Woman with big booty

If the popularity of our more voluptuous celebrities is anything to go by, the men in Kenya are still living in the animal kingdom.

They don’t like ‘em bony, they want something they can grab! Girls all around us are getting famous just for staggering around with humongous buttocks.

It is official; the rears have replaced boobs as women’s most scrutinised body part.

Unfortunately, not all women are blessed with an apple bottom and clearly, you won’t be getting any unless you got bums.

So, with everyone around fixated with big butts, what is a girl with a pancake-flat caboose supposed to do?

To get that pushed-out tush everyone is so obsessed about, some girls have resorted to butt pads. I was curious about what men think about butt enhancers and whether they would date a girl who wears them.

Most guys consider it a major turn-off.

You would get their attention alright, but most of them would not be too thrilled to learn that it is a fake. Wearing butt pads is what most people would term as deceptive advertising.

He will be impressed when he sees you strutting your stuff down the street only to feel cheated when he wants to get down to business only to realise it was just an illusion.

Go ahead; wear them if you want to. That is, if you never intend to take your clothes off! I can only imagine a man’s shock when he starts caressing a mass of removable padding on a woman he thought was naturally bootilicious!

Other than that, women who use butt enhancers come across as extremely insecure, which is a very unattractive quality in a woman. Men like women who are confident in their own skin.

In the long run, the size of the derriere doesn’t matter. It might make the man attracted to you but it won’t make him stay.

If you are just craving the attention, you can play around with butt enhancers, but if you are looking for something serious and long lasting, present the real you. There is someone out there for everyone, including those with a pancake ass (did I just say that?).

Learn to embrace those parts of you that you don’t like. I don’t have much of a derriere to brag about but you couldn’t pay me to wear a butt pad.

Personally, I think any type of butt enhancers is ridiculous!

There is no worthy advantage to having a proportionately bigger ass plus I would not want my ass to be first thing a man notices about me. But as always, to each her own.

If you feel that wearing a butt pad will make you more confident when navigating the dating scene, go for it.

However, make sure it looks natural and proportionate and additionally, always be honest and upfront about it with the guys that hit on you.

When he says you have a nice butt, you can say something like, “thanks, I use butt pads to enhance it!” Hopefully, he will find it amusing and fall in love with your cool personality!

As for me, I will stick with the deadlifts, lunges and squats, thank you.


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