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Beatrice Wababu shares on how she banks on her family for support


Beatrice and familyBeatrice is very chic. The maroon official she is adorning depicts sophistication.

From this superficial outlook, a Kenyan would draw quick conclusions. But contrary to the stature she portrays — that of an independent, no nonsense, elliptical and voracious modern woman — Beatrice says she is very conservative.

“I was born and bred in Chogoria, Meru. There are values I learnt while growing up and I’ve held to them because they are right and essential. Many people who meet me out there may not know this, but I am a Christian who respects her husband and is fully aware of the position he holds in our household,” she says.

Beatrice is in a happy marriage, she says, adding that her husband has given her life zest and happiness.

 “Julius is the real deal. He was — and still is — godly. He has values and most of all, let’s me be and supports my aspirations in life.”

The couple has four girls and one boy. The picture portrait on the wall of the living room tells the story of a family at peace with life; glued together by history and an incredible understanding of each other.

Mercy, the first-born will be graduating from Law school soon. Mary, Mercy’s immediate younger sibling is studying Hotel Management. Grace, the third-born in the family completed high school last year. Paul, the only son to the couple is in Form Three and Emmy, a smiley faced five-year-old is perhaps the epicentre of the family’s happiness.

How does Beatrice deal with motherhood and the demands of a home?

“Saturday, the whole day, is our family day out — we always spend time at a chosen place together. On Sunday, we attend church together and enjoy our time as a family,” she offers.

“Are you perfect,” I ask her, to which she answers: “I may look flawless, perfect, astute, and come about as a person who has everything going well. I go through challenges and face the same problems any woman faces. But I am always grateful that I have my husband and children who I come home to and are always there for me.”

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