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Valentine's themed wedding


Valentine's themed weddingPsychologists associate red with emotion; extreme anger, violence, passion and most appreciated, love. It’s known to create passion between lovers, illuminate on dull tales and bring excitement to a drab setting. Brides who chose red as their main colour scheme are labelled as extroverted, confident and optimistic!

So when bride-to-be Pauline picked on burgundy, a tint of red as her main colour, we had no doubt we were on to something splendid. Pauline met her fiancé Kelly, during an assignment and as fortune would have it, the engineer and accountant had just marked their long walk down to the altar. Interesting though, while she is a die-hard fan of red, he confesses to have a long-going affair with the calming effects of pink pastels. To strike a balance, the couple settled on a monochromatic burgundy and pink combo.

Their planning kicked off with a visit to the fervent florist who was enthusiastic enough to help them come up with ways of incorporating feathers into their décor. One of their friends offered to supply roses from his farm but unfortunately, there was a delay in the seasons and left without much of an option. The couple decided to settle on red roses in place of the burgundy. A random pink rose between the masses of burgundy worked out well to bring out a fabulous look. The morning kicked off on a high, with the beautiful sunrise lazily negotiating its way up the horizons and the melodies of her in laws knocking at her father’s home.


One of the biggest fears most couples seem to share is the unpredictability of the weather. As Kelly and Pauline left the church for the reception grounds, a dark cloud gathered up above the parasols. The Emcee tried to speed up the programme, but nature seemed to have her mind set beyond any form of entreat.

Just as the couple walked to present the cake to their parents, the skies finally gave up and showered the whole garden into small paddles of muddy water. Her mermaid gown sprung into a new life only befit to the setting, its tail reeling with newfound grace across the wet grass.

The guests scattered away into the main tent, and a few desperate mothers forgot all the decrees on decorum and put their young ones up on the pristine white table draping. The faithful maid of honour escorted the bride into her car.

Rain aside; what mattered is that the couple was finally united in love.

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