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How to save for travel

Leisure and Travel

No one is short of dream destinations they would love to travel to. Problem is the money. But that doesn’t mean that it is impossible. All you have to do is master the art of saving religiously. While it may sound like an uphill task, it is more doable than you think.

If you really want to travel you have to make it a priority and be intentional about making it come true. Nothing comes easy and this may mean making some sacrifices here and there. If you’re wondering how and where to begin, these money saving tips may be a good place to begin.

Pick a travel destination

Before you can figure out how much you will spend you need to know where you’re going first. How you will get there, for how many days, and where you will put up for the duration. This will determine how much more or less you will spend.

Create a budget

Now that you have a rough idea of where you would want to go, create a rough budget. You can get rough estimates online or from travel companies. Compare your financial situation and travel cost then make a decision. If it’s feasible, make the next step without hesitation. The sooner you begin the sooner your dream will come to pass.

Create a savings plan

If it means opening a travel account in a financial institution, do it. Setting money aside requires a high level of discipline and commitment. This may not come easy for spenders who hardly save for rainy days thus the need of a dedicated travel fund. Once you know where the money will come from, say your salary, business, or investment, determine how much you can set aside and for how long you can sustain your financial goal. Don’t start to quit halfway.

Travel in groups

Besides the companionship traveling in a group offers, you will end up spending less due to group packages. Whether it’s the hotel, museum, or an Airline company, you will spend way less than you would have if you were traveling alone. Considering how cost effective it is, your dream of traveling is more achievable thanks to group discounts.

Take advantage of off-peak seasons

What better way to save than travel during off peak seasons? Flights are cheaper and in the hopes of luring vacationers, many hotels drop their rates meaning your budget can stretch much further. No matter how costly a destination may be, this is the best time to take advantage of it. You may however want to factor in the weather.

Take advantage of prizes

During Christmas and other special holidays, companies tend to be in a giving mood and getaways happen to be one of the many goodies santa comes parading. Take a chance and do what you can to win. If all goes well and you do win, all you may have to spend on is travel costs if not included, park fees and a few other things. Compared to how much you would have spent on the holiday by its entirety, winning the trip is a dream come true.

Cut down

If you’re already cash strapped, you have to cut down on your spending and change your lifestyle. If you really want that holiday you have to take it easy on the purse. To have something to put aside for the holiday, consider some money saving tips. For instance, shop in bulk, leave out some subscriptions, no more eating out, no more impulse shopping etc. The right habits will see you snorkelling faster than you think.

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