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No man wants a wife who cannot cook: Julie Gichuru’s dad pressured her to learn how to cook

Lady Speak
 Julie Gichuru

Media personality Julie Gichuru has on several occasions admitted that she is not a very good cook.  Turns out that the former TV beauty never had interest in cooking from a tender age despite being the only girl among her siblings.

‘I was a teenager & I had pointedly refused to learn how to cook. As the only daughter in the family it was obvious & apparently a source of social embarrassment. Indeed, in an African - Asian home this was unheard of, girls should know their place & the kitchen was part of that.’

Part of her post read.

This somehow worried her dad who urged her to learn how to cook for the sake of her future husband and family.  

"Well, you will have to cook for your husband! What will you do when you have a family? No man wants a wife who cannot cook." A-ha. Now we were getting to the heart of the matter. I wondered, how could we be so close together & yet such world's apart? Continued her post.

But the mother of five was adamant about it as she revealed on her Facebook page.

‘I smiled, lowered my voice & answered, "Well Dad, I don't want to marry a man who wants me for my cooking. If that's what he expects me to do then he won't be marrying me."

At that moment my fathers intense gaze would have prickled even the toughest soldier. But I held steady looking innocently & directly back at him. It felt like a lifetime went by... Then without another word he picked up his newspaper & continued reading.’

Below see her full post on the same.


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