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We are tired of women who use periods as an excuse to be rude

Lady Speak

As a woman, I know that periods are the absolute worst! I know PMS is real and I have written an article before about how men should just cut us some slack and endure being our emotional punching bags when we start acting out because of PMS. However, let me categorically state that being on your period doesn’t give you a free pass to be a bitch.

You can’t treat people like dirt and expect to get off scot free just because you are on your periods. I attended a function recently and there was one woman who was on a warpath. She was lashing out at everyone and throwing out snide remarks and just generally being a pain in the ass. Later on when she fully grasped the magnitude of her actions and became aware of the number of people she had pissed off, she offered a half-assed apology saying that the people she offended shouldn’t take it to heart because she was on her periods and that her little outburst was her PMSing.

The nerve?! I remember thinking, “No, honey, it is not PMS, it is your personality!” There was another lady in a company I used to work in some time back who was the same way. When she got her periods, she would stomp into the office all wild-eyed and announce that she was on her periods and that everybody should stay the hell out of her way or else she would rain holy hell on anyone who ticked her off. I know we all go through different cycles and our experiences are different, but I believe it is entirely possible to have PMS and not turn into a mega bitch.

It is possible to be premenstrual and still act like a sane human being. Nobody should have to put up with a woman’s foul attitude and bad behaviour just because she is on her periods.  Women like the ones I have described above are the reason men are so scared of menstruating women. They think that we all become bad-tempered and will certainly go berserk on them. It is true that periods affect your mood. PMS symptoms are real. However, they don’t affect your ability to act rationally and make rational decisions. If someone is acting irrationally while on their periods, it is simply because that is the kind of person she is. PMS has nothing to do with it.

Men are usually the ones at the receiving end of this bad behaviour from women and we have been telling them for ages that they should just sit and not talk back, when a woman insults them, belittles them or even physically attacks them, because it is that time of the month and the woman is not in control of her hormones. Do not let a woman shame you into putting up with her bitchiness. Women all over the world get periods and still function as normal human beings. Don’t use your periods as an excuse to be a bitch.

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