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Why you should get married to a teacher around here

Lady Speak
 It’s rare for teachers to discriminate learners or ignore them
Teachers don’t take home a hefty pay. They teach because they have a passion for helping children join bigger carriers than them. Even with degrees or masters, a teacher will be humble

For a very long time, I have resisted the temptation of writing about how teachers make good wives. This is because it will be blowing my own trumpet. We all know it is a bad move.

 But today, I have fallen into this temptation and without fear or the vanity of blowing my own trumpet, I will preach about how teachers make amazing wives.

Teachers are very patient. We meet all kind of students. Rude students, slow learners, students we don’t like and very intelligent students. To effectively teach and deliver the content, we have to carter for all their needs.

It’s rare for teachers to discriminate learners or ignore them. Even when angry, we never lose our temper. This is a trait most men desire when looking for the future mother of their children. They know that whatever children they will have, they will be well taken care.

The teaching profession has a workable schedule. It is an eight to five job. By six, a teacher will be in the house to prepare supper and take care of the children. It is an amazing job that has less travelling to sijui which part of the country on weekly or monthly basis. For men who are insecure and will always want to see the face of their beautiful wives, look no further than in the classroom.

Teachers are very conservative and homely. Even with a degree or masters, a teacher will be humble. We rarely have the attitude of treating people badly as though we are the only people who went through the university gates.

I would have named the female professionals who have this habit, but “wacha nikanyagie”.When illiterate or shabbily dressed parents and visitors come to school, we treat them with respect and welcome them with a sweet smile.

 It is therefore obvious that teachers will be amazing wives who will treat a man’s relatives and friends well. They will welcome them warmly and no case of brooding and sneering at the visitors will be reported.

Since teachers are homely in nature, they will be very willing to settle anywhere. It is very rare for a teacher to make wild demands like refusing to live in rural areas. She will happily walk to Mwalimu Sacco and take a loan. With her husband’s help, she will happily build a home in shags. Tell me if this is not an answered prayer to a man who seeks a wife?

Teachers have vacations in April, august and the whole of November and December. All this is like paid leave. It translates to quality time with the family and enough finances for the family. If a man is into holidays, it means he gets sufficient time to take his family on vacation to wherever destination. Another attractive and wifely trait that teachers possess is that they are not materialistic.

Teachers don’t take home a hefty pay. They teach because they have a passion for helping children join bigger carriers than them. Had teachers been materialistic, all of them would have left the profession. Which man doesn’t salivate over a woman who is not money minded?

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