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Women easily fall for pastors, here’s why

Lady Speak
 He understands that what all women want is to be heard.

I have always had this inkling that some of the self-proclaimed prophets running around town are nothing more than quacks. And so it was not a shock when a while back, one ‘Dr Prophet’ (What does that even mean?) Kanyari was exposed as quite the dastardly and manipulative conman.

How have you changed in the past two years?

A false prophet; a wolf in sheep’s clothing. A man with no conscience to the point that he holds auditions for fellow con men and women to give false testimonies. He was even taking the game a notch higher by training them on how to become more effective.

And while his target could have been the lowly in society, I have observed this wolf-in-sheep-clothing type of ministries in many high-end churches today. In most of them, their main message revolves around the “prosperity gospel” and they have no shame in charging gullible people for miracles behind the banner of “sowing seeds”.

Pastors who use church tithes and offerings to secure lavish lifestyles, grand houses, drive the latest luxury cars, shop in Europe and take trips to golf courses in South Africa. Yet not once in the Bible did anyone have to pay money for a miracle. I’m just saying!

And while Kanyiri’s stunts were nothing new in my books, what captured my attention was the fact that his congregation was made up mostly of women; loyalists ready to do anything just because the ‘man of God’ said so.

Particularly shocking was watching the “Dr Prophet” fondle a woman’s breast and demand that the poor woman exposes herself in front of everyone, all in the name of healing.

That got me asking, why are women in general more naïve and gullible when it comes to men of the cloth? In fact, it is very common these days to hear of women who have deserted their homes to play pastor’s pet. Women who treat pastors like they descended from heaven and were not born on this earth like the rest of us.

So what is it that makes pastors so irresistible for women? Partly, men are to blame! Yes, you heard me right, it is very likely that men are the main reason many women crowd churches and find themselves hooked on other men, this time of the cloth.

Yes, inattentive husbands who ignore their wives; men who are never home; who never take their wives out; or those who never take the time to cherish their women or even bother to have a conversation with them. Men who leave their wives vulnerable to anything and everything.

And we all know that a neglected wife is a desperate and vulnerable woman, it really is not rocket science, and guess who comes in to save the day- Mr Pastor.

He is attentive, he pays her compliments, and best of all he understands that what all women want is to be heard. And if he is a sheep-in-wolves-clothing type of pastor then he knows just how to use the information to get what he wants.

So while a neglectful husband is out in the bar with the boys, the pastors are keeping his wife busy!

Lastly, society needs to wake up and stop seeing pastors as holier-than-thou, pastors are just men!

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