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Things you can do for your pregnant wife

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 You will need to be there for her both physically and emotionally (Photo: iStock)

As you go through this journey with your wife, it's important to prepare yourself for what's ahead. This is a time when she needs your support the most and those small sacrifices you make will go a long way.

If you're a new dad-to-be or just eager to learn what you can do to support your pregnant wife, here are some tips:

Handle more chores

Many wives are okay handling the majority of chores around the house as the husband focuses on providing for the family and other vital duties.

If this is the structure you've chosen, you have to adjust now that a baby is on the way. During this time, she needs to rest more because her body is going through so much.

What you can do is try your best to cook healthy meals for her and clean more so that she can relax. If you can't handle both office work and housework, perhaps asking a relative to come to offer an extra hand will help you get much done without overstretching yourself.

Offer emotional support

It's not always easy for guys to understand or interpret women's emotions. This gets even more complicated during pregnancy because one minute your wife is okay and the next, her mood has changed.

Besides the mood swings that come due to hormonal shifts, she might also be dealing with some anxiety because having a baby is no joke.

It would really help to be more patient and understanding during those times when she's feeling all sorts of emotions because that is exactly what she needs.

 Ensure you are there for at least every checkup (Photo: iStock)
Go for checkups with her

Showing up for the checkups will help reassure her that she's not on this journey alone. For sure there are times when you will be busy with work or other important activities but, when you're able to, go with her for the appointments. Show up!

If you can't go for most of them, at least try and be there for the most crucial ones. And if that can't work either, have a video call while she's at the doctor's.

Tag along for shopping too

The other thing you should do is be more involved in baby shopping. It's really exciting to pick out cute clothes and accessories for the bundle of joy that's coming soon and you shouldn't miss out.

Shopping is very therapeutic for her because pregnancy isn't always smooth. Although going shopping with her might seem like something insignificant, it's really important.

Give her massages

Carrying an entire baby for months can be very overwhelming for your system. There's the backaches, foot soreness and just an overall discomfort that puts a strain on your joints.

What you can do is offer to give her massages often. It would even be better if you consult a doctor or researched ways you can massage her the right way to avoid any problems since her body is very sensitive.

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