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Keeping your pregnancy secret and the celebs who've done it

 Halle Bailey, Kylie Jenner [Courtesy, Getty]

American actress and singer Halle Bailey recently revealed that she and boyfriend, rapper DDG, have welcomed their first child together.

The news, which the pair announced early this week, was met with an almost unanimous, “we knew!” from fans.

Speculation had been widespread, from released paparazzi pictures that showed a pregnant-looking Halle taking a stroll months ago, to eager fans watching DDG’s Snapchat posts closely in the hopes of spotting Halle’s baby bump.

And as fans debated on whether The Little Mermaid actress was indeed expectant, she and her partner remained mum, ignoring the rumours.

DDG later said that keeping the pregnancy under wraps and going through the journey without the opinions of others made things easier for them as their prepared to welcome their baby boy into the world.

“It wasn’t that hard. It was harder for me than it was for her for sure because she don’t really be on social media like I do. Social media is what I do. It’s why I’m here today,” he said.

 Halle and DDG [Courtesy, Getty]

He added: “This is one of my biggest accomplishments and I wasn’t able to show it for real for real, but it was for a better cause ’cause people weird. People are way too much in my business, our business, at this point in time. So, definitely for the better and it made it a lot easier, bringing him into the world without a bunch of opinions.”

A source told US Weekly that Halle’s decision to keep things low-key were inspired by the couple wanting to protect their child’s privacy as well as avoid scrutiny.

“Halle told friends it was to protect their baby and relationship from scrutiny, but it was all very strange to those around them, especially when she has had such a huge year in movies,” the insider said.

 Halle told friends it was to protect their baby and relationship from scrutiny [Courtesy, Getty]

The young couple are not alone, many women, including celebrities, are opting to keep their pregnancy private and sometimes completely secret.

A superstitious person will say it’s to avoid ‘evil eyes’, but at the same time, there are many benefits to keeping such a sensitive journey private, especially in this age of social media.

A woman who kept her pregnancy secret told TLC: “I decided that the best way to ease into this new adventure, without letting too much stress and anxiety take over the experience, was to keep the news a secret from most people in my life until I felt ready to tell them. After telling close family members and a few good friends that my husband and I were having a baby, I didn’t tell anyone else for eight months.”

She listed the pros of taking on the journey privately including separating her business and personal life and avoiding unsolicited advice.

Another high-profile personality who kept her pregnancy private is American reality star Kylie Jenner.

During her first pregnancy, Kylie was rarely seen out in public, and in the few and far in between times when paparazzi or fans spotted her, she was dressed in baggy clothing that made it impossible to confirm the speculation.

 Another high-profile personality who kept her pregnancy private is American reality star Kylie Jenner [Courtesy, Getty]

In an interview, the beauty mogul said it was a journey she felt she had to go through solo.

“I shared so much of my life,” Kylie said.

“I was also really young when I got pregnant, and it was just a lot for me personally. I didn’t know how I would bring that to the public too and have everyone’s opinion. I think it was just something that I needed to go through by myself.”

Her sister, Kendall, supported Kylie’s choice, calling it “the greatest decision” she’d ever made.

Kendall said: “I’ve never been pregnant, and I’m sure there’s studies on this- but I think that the more at peace you are when you are pregnant, that goes into your child. I think it’s a reflection of even her daughter today, and how amazing and beautiful she is, is just because Kylie was so at peace in her pregnancy.”

US Weekly reports that there are more celebs who kept their baby bumps under wraps, including Scarlet Johansson, Paris Hilton, Brenda Song, Kelly Osbourne and others via surrogate, like media personality Adrienne Bailon, actress Rebel Wilson and super model Naomi Campbell.

Speaking to Page Six about keeping her pregnancies secret, reality TV star and hotel heiress Paris Hilton said it was a deviation from her typical way of doing things.

“My life has been so public, so out there. I didn’t want my son coming into this world with any negative energy. I’m really happy I did it that way, just for Carter and I to have that journey together without the outside world chirping in.”

 Hotel heiress Paris Hilton said it was a deviation from her typical way of doing things [Courtesy, Getty]

Paris added: “My narrative and my story has been told by the media for half my life, and I just didn’t want my child being put out into the world without me being in control. You become a mama bear.”

Closer home, there have been several high-profile Kenyan personalities who have also kept their pregnancies under wraps.

Like former Statehouse spokesperson Kanze Dena, former president Uhuru Kenyatta’s daughter Ngina and the singer Muthoni Drummer Queen.

Kanze Dena kept her third pregnancy a secret from the public, and so far, her last-born son has not been seen out in public.

 Kanze Dena kept her third pregnancy a secret from the public [Courtesy, Files Standard]

There were multiple reports of Ngina Kenyatta’s delivery in 2021, as she privately welcomed her child in December that year.

An entertainment website reported that Ngina’s pregnancy was kept a well-guarded secret, and only those close to the first family knew she was expecting.

 Ngina’s pregnancy was kept a well-guarded secret [Courtesy]

Muthoni Drummer Queen opened up on keeping the journey private in an interview three weeks after welcoming her baby boy.

She said: “As a performer and all around creative, my entire life is a news item; it’s part of the package. So, I grab privacy where I can get it. That is why I keep certain aspects of my life private. The limelight also has really dark side to it and though I signed up to this, my loved ones haven’t. This crown is heavier than it looks but I have a really supportive network of family and friends, who respected my wishes and walked with me through it all.”

Tips on keeping a pregnancy secret

If you are looking to have a private journey like these well-known ladies, here are: Tips to keep your pregnancy secret (sources: Emma’s Diary, Vitabiotics, Texas Adoption Center)

Keep who you tell to a minimum, or consider having one confidant.

Wear lose fitting clothing, and fill up your wardrobe with oversized dresses and shirts.

Don’t use pregnancy as an excuse for anything- whether it’s a professional or social setting. Accept drinks and hold them without diverging why you will not sip, and cleverly order your own mocktails/ non-alcoholic drinks when out with friends.

Don’t tell children, they’ll spill the beans!

Stock up your workplace with supplies to curb your symptoms e.g anti-nausea medications, healthy drinks and snacks.


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