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What the modern woman should be having in her bag

 Things every woman should be having in her bag (Photo: Courtesy)

When it comes to stocking your bag essentials, everyone has their own unique list including lipstick, pads and maybe even a power bank and charger.

As important as those are to have, there are top five items that are always crucial to have in your everyday bag, like the ones on this list:

Pocket tissues

Leaving the house without some tissue in my bag gives me anxiety. As we move around during the day, you never know when you will need some so it's always a good idea to carry them in your bag every day.

You might need some to just freshen up a little bit but the bigger purpose is to have them in case you visit a washroom that's run out of tissue.

To be on the safe side, buy a pack of pocket tissues for your bag and if you're on a budget, just carry some from home.

Pocket-size wet wipes

Just like the pocket tissues, these are very important to have. Wet wipes can come through for you in situations where tissue isn't enough.

These are great if you spill something on yourself or when you need to quickly wipe off a stain. They also do a great job if you want to wipe off any dirt from your hands when you don't have access to water and soap.

Decide if you prefer to have antibacterial wipes or gentle wipes depending on your preference. And you should also try the wipes that are individually packed so that you can divide them easily.

 A lip balm will help your lips stay hydrated and prevent chapping (Photo: iStock)
Lip balm

This is essential because dry lips never looked good on anyone. Everyone understands that at the end of the day, we don't always look as fresh as we did in the morning but, it's still embarrassing to walk around with crusty lips.

You can go for something simple like a pocket petroleum jelly or go the extra mile to get one that has some extra SPF protection.

Pocket perfume or splash

Sometimes we don't have control over what our bodies do. When sweat shows up, the deo we applied in the morning starts to fade away so it would definitely help to have some backup.

If you want to always be well put together or at least try to put more effort into how you present yourself, you should consider having a small perfume or splash to freshen up.

You can quickly apply a tiny bit on your neck or wrists to help you stay fresh for the rest of the day.


You absolutely shouldn't leave this out of your list. You might have lunch with strong flavours like garlic and onion, and those smells have a habit of sticking to our breath for a long, long time.

To avoid any unnecessary embarrassments, just have some mints with you at all times.

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