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Signs you may be having a yeast infection

 A yeast infection is also known as vaginal candidiasis (Photo: iStock)

A yeast infection, also known as vaginal candidiasis, is one of the most common types of infections. It is a fact that many women will get it at least once in their lives.

When you have a yeast infection, it means that there is a bacterial imbalance which has triggered an overgrowth of fungi. Some known causes of this infection include hormonal changes, a weakened immune system from conditions like HIV, and taking antibiotics that disrupt the balance.

Although some infections can go away on their own, it’s recommended that you consult a doctor and get the right treatment. In case you see any of these unusual signs, it could mean that what you’re dealing with is a yeast infection:

Unusual discharge

All women usually have a bit of daily discharge. This is healthy and it is part of the vaginal self-cleaning process.

However, when something isn’t right, you will start seeing an odd amount of discharge on your underwear or even one that has an off smell. And with yeast infections specifically, the discharge tends to be thick, white and odourless.

You might even see a whitish coating on your vagina, which is typical of this infection. For some people, it might be a watery discharge or a greyish discharge but most of the time, it will be thick and white or yellowish.


Itching is also a very common symptom of a yeast infection. That shift in your bacterial balance can cause this unpleasant change, which could leave you feeling very itchy in your vaginal area.

The itching often feels very unbearable to the point where it disrupts your day. If you’re feeing the constant urge to itch, then it might be a yeast infection.


Another issue that people often experience with this infection is an inflamed vaginal area. This change indicates that the infection is causing some swelling, which could be mild or moderate in some cases.

Swelling can also be accompanied by redness so be on the lookout for these key signs.


Rashes aren’t always a cause for concern. But when they come along with other unusual symptoms like discharge or soreness, you should seek treatment.

Yeast infections can sometimes cause rashes to appear on the outer parts of your vagina. They usually have a red appearance and might be painful as well.

Pain during sex

You might also start to notice that you’re having some difficulty during sex. This happens because the swelling, rashes and overall discomfort are making it hard to have sex as usual. Also, there is the intense itching, which also causes problems.

Any time you feel like you’re unable to have sex, you should investigate.

Discomfort during urination

Just like the previous point, the irritation will cause a lot of discomfort during urination. You’re dealing with inflammation, itching and rashes, all of which disrupt your normal functioning.

There might also be other infections that cause this problem so for you to be sure, you should get tested to confirm whether it’s a yeast infection or a different infection.

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