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Man catfished by woman falls in love with her sister after she used her photos

Girl Talk
 Despite the unusual start, the couple fell in love (Photo: Shutterstock)

We live in a world where people can easily pretend to be someone they're not on the internet.

From acting much cooler on Instagram to creating fake social profiles, people should be aware that the person they're chatting too online may not be who they claim they are.

One woman says she got the shock of her life after discovering that her sister had been using her photos to catfish a man.

And in the most unlikely set of circumstances ever, she claims that she is now set to marry him after they grew closer following the initial shock.

It's certainly going to trump everyone else's stories if they ever end up discussing how they met with future friends.

Or it might be a story they decide to keep to themselves.

Either way, it's an incredibly unusual way to meet your future husband.

The woman shared her tale on Reddit - as she sought advice on her future wedding.

Her mum expects her to not only have her sister as her maid of honour, but also wants her to be godmother to her future son or daughter.

 Her sister confessed to using her photos to catfish a man (Photo: Shutterstock)

On Reddit's 'Am I The A******' forum, she claimed:  "Four years ago my sister, Izzy, was catfishing a guy, James, with my pictures.

"This only came to light as she had been asking him to move to our area, and James had done it, so she had to come clean.

"James and I were both there for this confession, and neither of us spoke to Izzy for a while after."

But six months after her sister confessed, the woman says she ran into James and they exchanged numbers.

Over time, they fell in love and eventually told their family about the relationship.

She continued: "When we'd been together for about a year, we told Izzy, my brothers, and my (divorced) parents. Dad and Brothers are happy I'm happy, but Izzy and Mum both flew off the handle.

"We've been together 3 years now. In this time, we have interacted mainly with Dad and Brothers, and less so with Izzy and Mum.

"Izzy has had therapy and genuinely apologised to both of us, but the catfishing plus her reaction to our relationship hasn't made for a good relationship between all of us."

Now the pair are set to get married but have decided to wait after she found out she's pregnant.

 Her mother wants her to make her sister the maid of honour (Photo: Shutterstock)

But in a phone call with her mum, she was shocked to learn that her mum has big expectations.

She claimed: "During the conversation she said that not only does she expect Izzy to be my maid of honour, but also godmother to the baby I'm carrying.

"Her reasons for this are that Izzy is my sister and planning on making me her maid of honour when she marries, and that Izzy is already godmother to my eight-year-old son.

"I expressed discomfort with both of those ideas, and Mum asked why. I told her that given everything with Izzy and James I'm not sure this is the best idea.

"Mum then said that all of that was over five years ago, we said we'd forgiven her, and at some point you have to let bygone be bygones, especially as we accepted her apology and she's gone to therapy, and if she hadn't gotten James to move here, then we never would have met at all and the baby/marriage wouldn't be happening at all, and that she was ashamed of me for excluding my sister over the past.

"Izzy has since contacted me, agreeing with Mum that I'm being unnecessarily harsh and saying that she's apologised and it all worked out and she's not sure what else she can do to get me to get over it."

Lots of people agreed with the woman that she didn't need to invite her sister to be a maid of honour.

 She doesn't want her sister to be a godparent either (Photo: Shutterstock)

One person replied: "I imagine if she was MOH she would make some cringe speech about how it was down to her that James and op met.

"She sounds awful. She should be grateful if she gets an invite to the wedding, never mind demanding to be MOH and godmother to the baby.

"The level of entitlement is off the charts with these two."

Another agreed, adding: "You don't even need a reason not to pick her as MOH, that is not a decision others can make for you and not a decision you have to justify.

"Having said that you have every reason not to want her as a MOH or godmother.

"They know full well why. I'm guessing the reason they are pressing this issue is that if they can force you into complying they can feel like they've been absolved of their transgressions."

A third asked: "As with all wedding threads, I must ask you: why would you surround yourself with people who make you unhappy on your happiest day (or second happiest, given you're already a mom)?

"It is not your responsibility to allow others to live out their own perfect family fantasies, especially during your milestone events, regardless of what part they played in the lead-up."

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