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How to tell if he's really interested or not

Girl Talk
 If you are important to him, he'll always create time (Shutterstock)

Are you getting anxious, with butterflies in your stomach as you wonder if he's interested or not? Here are some tips and clues to help you know for sure.

He blushes when someone mentions your name

If someone is genuinely interested in you, everything about you excites them including the mention of your name.

This mean that the thought of you triggers a series of thoughts that may or may not be intimate but nonetheless sends them into a fantasy world that will make them either giggle or blush when someone mentions your name or talks about you.

He wants to be around you all the time

How often he asks you out says a lot about his interest. If he asks you out many times or if he simply always wants to be around you, that's a very big sign that he likes you and finds your company and your personality interesting.

He listens when you talk and values your opinion

Many times people like talking about themselves, and more often than not they usually don't care much about what you say, but if you find that he really takes his time to listen to you and values your opinion, especially by constantly asking for it, that's a sign that he's interested.

He prioritizes you

As they always say, if something is important you'll create time. That simply means we are never too busy for someone or something that's important to us.

Therefore, if he always has time for you, that is, responds to your messages on time, always returns your calls and shows up for your important dates or events despite his busy schedule, that's a clear indicator that he's so much into you.

Overly protective

How has he been acting around you especially when someone is offending you? Does he take it personally? If your answer is yes, then he's definitely interested in you. Generally, men tend to be very protective of something that is of value to them. Therefore, if someone offends you he will automatically react to try and protect you.

Finally, if you notice that he always stares at you longer than normal, inquires about you from friends when he can't reach you on the phone or simply sends you gifts that you don't even need, he's definitely interested and you should probably start taking him seriously.


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