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Why I will never meddle in the affairs of two lovebirds

Girl Talk
 Photo; Courtesy

Would you tell on your friend’s husband if you caught him in a compromising situation with another woman? Personally, I would really wish to make good use of my sexy legs from the western part of the country and run my equally sexy mouth from the lakeside all the way to the wife to tell on him.

Then I would use my powerful lungs to shout at the top of my voice warning the wife about the hyena she has in form of a husband.

All that is just a wish, I once tried getting myself involved in matters regarding two people who sleep under the same duvet and that’s how I lost a five-year friendship.

 I swore never to play ‘Good Samaritan’ again. So next time I see your man enlarging your family without your consent, trust me, I will just sit back, grab some popcorn and wait for the show to begin.

Playing ‘Koffi Anan’ between two love birds is risky if not terrible act. You will never win and if you win, it won’t be for long. The two will eventually gang up against you and make you a mutual enemy.

I learned this the hard way once when I caught my friend’s man kissing another woman. The idle adrenaline in my body finally got some work to do and before I knew it, I was bombarding my friend’s phone with calls, texts and pictures of her man and the other woman.

My friend Grace seemed to be on my side and, with that, we agreed on setting a trap for the man. To date, I still do not know the Satan that got me thinking I could play spy!

Grace and I decided to secretly follow her husband one night after he left the house saying he was going to meet some friends. I remember us hiring a cab to trail him and even offered to pay for the cab looking forward to an eventful night.

All through the time we were in the cab, Grace kept texting someone on her phone. I assumed she was just giving another close friend updates on our adventure. Little did I know I was the center of the discussion.

Around 30 minutes after trailing the husband, he drove into one of the hotels and parked his car in the parking lot then confidently walked into the lobby with us in hot but careful pursuit. My legs froze once we entered the lobby because right there was my then fiancé and Grace’s husband facing the entrance.

At first, I stood still not knowing what to do as Grace rushed and gave her husband a hug leaving me there perplexed.

Then they both turned towards me and warned me to try and mind my own business. My fiancé was then told to ‘break my leg’ so that I would have other things to worry about apart from other people’s lives.

Do not get me wrong, if you don’t know how women whose ‘legs have been broken’ look like, walk into a maternity ward, thank me later.

All along, Grace had been communicating to her husband and had even told him about our plan to trail him and catch him cheating! Together, they had planned to bust me instead and even went ahead and included my then fiancé in their wicked plan.

 What annoys me to date is that instead of my fiancé breaking my leg as he was advised, he broke the relationship.

My quest to play spy rendered me both friendless and fiancé-less. I am never meddling in couples' affairs anymore, not even my future husband, that is if I ever get the guts to say ‘I do’ when sober.

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