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#FashionTips: How to rock your crop tops

Fashion Tips
 When you rock a crop top, swirl and turn like you own the world (Shutterstock)

Crop tops are amazing and the good thing? They are not going out of fashion any time soon. They have been here for years and their styles and designs continue to evolve and fit in place with new trends.

Crop tops are dinky in design and are easily assumed to be simple to style. However, a number of fashion rules are broken more often than not when it comes to styling crop tops.

Here are some tips to help you style and rock your crop tops better: 

Balance your proportions

The cardinal rule when it comes to styling crop tops is to balance your proportions. When you have a tight crop top, always ensure that the trousers are looser or the skirt is wider. This helps to ensure you don’t skimpily dressed.

The vice versa applies, when putting on a large or wide crop top, pair it up with a skinny jeans or a pencil skirt to help you balance out your proportions.

Watch the length

Be very careful when choosing your crop top length. Some end just below the bra, others reach just above the belly button while other crop tops slightly cover your belly button.

The type of crop top you decide to choose can either make or break your outfit. Some crop tops can make you look like you borrowed your baby brother’s t-shirt. You do not want that, do you?

Focus on your torso area and work with what makes you comfortable. All crop top lengths can be amazing so long as you pair it with bottoms that balance it out.

High-waists are your best friend

Whether you prefer high-waisted pants, skirts or shorts, when you love crops tops you know you cannot afford to do without these in your closet.

High-waists easily balance out crop tops because they cover up to your navel, meaning they remove focus on areas you don’t want people concentrating on.

When selecting high-waist jeans, always ensure that it is the right fit so that you don’t look like you are struggling to fit into the jeans at the same time putting on a crop top. When it comes to styling crops, everything has to be the right fit.

Cover it up

You could say crop tops were invented to complement pieces like blazers, kimonos and cover ups.

It was a match made in heaven, the way the combination makes an outfit look chic is just out of this world. When matching your tiny crop tops to high-waist pants or skirts, you can go for a blazer for a more official look while kimonos and cover ups can represent the more casual and laid back looks.

Another thing to look out for is that the cover ups match the colours you are going for and always watch the blazer length. The coat should not end where the pants begin, they should be longer for a more chic look.

Enjoy yourself

The key to rocking a crop top perfectly is confidence. Do not put on a crop top and feel uneasy all day. When you rock a crop top swirl and turn like you own the world.

Crop tops are meant for all body types as long as you work with your body proportions well. It is all about knowing where you want the main focus to be on your body.

(Photos: Instagram @justjoykendi)

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