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Six strange clothing items you didn’t know exist

Fashion and Beauty
 The fashion era we are in is mostly about personal style and expression (Photos: Instagram)

What you choose to wear is totally up to you. Your fashion sense speaks for you and makes you stand out from the crowd.

The fashion era we are in is mostly about personal style and expression. Still, this doesn’t stop us from noticing and possibly staring when we see someone wearing something way off the norm. Here is a list of crazy clothing items the internet will never let us forget.

Clothes made out of food

Besides Lady Gaga’s weird meat dress, there are so many designers taking an interest in food clothes. There are chocolate dresses, bread shoes and other outrageous clothes made from food.

 (Instagram: @bowsbysamantharose)

There are also some clothing items that have surreal images of food printed on them and, to be honest, looking at them kind of makes you hungry. I’m still not sure how people manage to walk around wearing food as clothing, but hey, to each his own.

Clear plastic clothes

This is a confusing one because wearing this makes you dressed and exposed at the same time. There have been many images circulating of plastic dresses, jackets, pants, shorts, you name it. They’re not that practical because they get hot, foggy and sweaty when the sun is out and then misty and uncomfortable when it’s cold.

 (Instagram: @hiphopurbanpop)

Also, when someone wears clear pants or shorts, everyone can see their undergarments so the majority just find these absurd. For that and many other reasons, I think I’ll just stick to my sheer pieces because that’s the furthest I’m willing to go as far as transparent goes.

Overly ripped jeans

We’ve all seen ripped jeans. Some people might find them risqué but, it somewhat passes. However, there are some types that are so ripped that they end up looking like micro shorts. There are also some jeans that are technically just a frame because everything else has been cut out. And still, people spend a lot of money to get a pair of these ‘jeans’. Ridiculous really!

 (Instagram: @4everbrooke)
Muscle print tights

I don’t know who designed these but, it must be someone who is obsessed with the human anatomy. They’re basically tights that have a detailed image of the muscles and they are a little creepy. These definitely make others uncomfortable because it’s like people are literally seeing through you. These would be great for Halloween but, on other days, it’s wise to skip.


(Instagram: @bodybeautifulnutrition)

Huge puffer jackets

Puffer jackets are already big so imagine when they’re exaggerated up to ten times. Wearing these will make it hard for you to sit, walk around, leave alone passing through narrow doors. However, they are a bold fashion statement and they come in handy during winter. Unless it’s seriously freezing cold, it wouldn’t hurt to get one and disappear in it on those super cold days.

 (Instagram: @yanabinaev)
Caged trousers

These are also in a similar category as the plastic clothes because they leave nothing to the imagination. There are trousers that have a slight caged detail on the side but these ones are open from top to bottom. Frankly, it’s hard to imagine how someone is supposed to dress these pants up and walk comfortably in them.

 (Photos: Dolls Kil)
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