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Don't spend too much time on social media. Unless you are making money off-it


We rarely audit the amount of time we spend on social media. Yet social media is perniciously addictive, many people are so hooked on it, and mostly they are wasting time soliciting for nudes, likes, comments and just horsing on the platforms with nothing meaningful to be gained.

Social media can be helpful. You can get a job, you can make money off it if you are a socialite, or a social media marketer or a campaigner for a given cause. The rest of the time, most of us are active and passive audience to the things that are paraded to us. And in a day, we soak in so much, most of it rubbish. Yet, the social media sites are designed in such a way they are endless pits, that we keep on digging until we are exhausted.

Most young people waste so much time, scrolling, laughing and reading and watching things that add no value to their lives. Granted, social media is now an integral part of our lives in this century, there is a better disciplined way you can handle it so that it does not become central in your life.

You can apportion times in the day when you check your social media. That must never be in the morning, at least not before 10 a.m. That is the time you should spend exercising, reading and doing something more productive. During a tea break or a short break, you can check in and see essential stuff on the sites you are logged onto. It is good if you have specific people and things you log to check in, lest you drift into scouring Facebook, basically doing nothing.

You can apportion at least two or three times in the day you check social media and make it as brief as possible. And go for quality, as opposed to quantity.

Instead, use the time to read a book, or watch a substantive movie. Use the time to apply for a job, to hone your skill in something.

People who get ahead are those who know time is precious and spend it more selfishly in more meaningful things.

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