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Seven ways to manage stress while planning your wedding

 Planning for your wedding need not be a stressful process (Photo: Shutterstock)

Many women look forward to their wedding day but planning for it can be enjoyable but also very stressful. Balancing your professional, family and social life on top of planning for this momentous day can take its toll. But with careful planning you can get to enjoy the experience as you count down the days to spending the rest of your life with the love of your life.

Here are tips to manage stress while planning your special day.

i. Don’t compare

Never compare your wedding with anyone else’s. It doesn’t matter what kind of wedding you have been a guest at, make sure yours is unique and is a reflection of the two of you. Do not allow anyone else be it a friend or relative to pressure you to have a wedding that isn’t you. Do you and be happy with that!

ii. Be realistic

Just because you want a fancy wedding it doesn’t mean you should blow the bank. Once you start going beyond your means, this will lead to unnecessary problems with your spouse. Be realistic and don’t plan a wedding you can’t afford.

iii. Self-care

This is one of the most important things you need to do to manage stress. You need to take time off from planning and take care of yourself. Never allow planning the wedding to be your full time job. Don’t let it consume you. Take a step from it and relax.

 Make lists of things you have accomplished and those that you still need to do (Photo: Shutterstock)

iv. Enjoy it

Most brides and grooms feel they are supposed to be anxious about the wedding or else it will feel like they’re not doing the right thing. You need to enjoy every moment and handle everything, good or bad, as it comes.

v. Get support

Remember it takes two to plan a wedding! Doing it alone without the help of your partner will put a lot of weight on you. Between the two of you sit and agree on who does what. Include your partner in the wedding planning by giving him tasks to perform especially those to do with his side of the family. If you don’t have time to plan together consider hiring professionals and it might be cheaper than you think and time effective too. No matter how busy you may get in the planning, do not isolate yourself from friends or family. Having people around will help with your mental wellbeing.

 Remember the day is about the two of you (Photo: Shutterstock)

vi. It is okay to have a melt-down

This is normal because there’s nothing worse than feeling overwhelmed and not having someone or people to talk to. You need to open up and let out the fears you may have and even crying over it may help relieve the pressure. Don’t forget that you can always pull the plug if you feel pressured and don’t worry about disappointing people.

vii. Make a list

This is not just any list but a list of the things you’ve managed to accomplish and those that still need to be done. Note them down so as to ease the pressure of trying to remember.

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