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Date night ideas you should try with your partner

 To keep the joy and romance alive, you should commit yourselves to activities like date nights and anniversary celebrations [Courtesy]

Being in a relationship with your best friend should be a fun experience. But admittedly, with the busy and boring daily routines, you might find yourselves in a stagnant stage of your relationship. When that happens, you can end up feeling disconnected from each other and if you’re not careful, it might even lead to a breakup.

To keep the joy and romance alive, you should commit yourselves to activities like date nights and anniversary celebrations. Date nights, especially, should be at least every other week or monthly if possible so that you have something exciting to look forward to.

That said, you’re free to decide what date night looks like for you and your partner. There is no idea set on stone and whatever works for you, carry on.

But should you be in need of ideas on how to make your itinerary livelier, here are some date night suggestions to consider.

Go for a romantic drive

This never gets old. A drive might seem like something basic to do but there is so much to it. Maybe even right now you already drive to work together or for errands but, this hits differently when it’s just the two of you doing your thing.

 A romantic drive never gets old [Courtesy]

The atmosphere at nighttime is calm and relaxing because there’s less traffic and congestion. There is no rush. You will get to enjoy the beauty of the city together as you spend uninterrupted time chatting, which can literally make you fall in love all over again.

And if you get hungry or thirsty, you can grab a snack from a 24-hour supermarket or pass by a drive-thru for meals.

Make a photo album

Did you have those old-school family photo albums growing up? If you did, you can remember how wonderful it felt coming together to reminisce on some warm memories.

The times we live in have afforded us the convenience of saving our photos on our phones but, why not do something different by starting your own family photo album tradition just like the old times?

You won’t have to worry about them disappearing, and it’s truly a wonderful way to spend your time with your partner.

Cook something interesting

It would also be a fun idea to make a meal you’ve never made before. With music playing in the background and some drinks, you’ll definitely have a blast doing this.

During the week you can decide on what you will make and get the recipes ready for date night.

 It would be a fun idea to make a meal you've never made before [Courtesy]

It won’t even matter if what you’re making backfires because hey, those are great memories to have too.

Watch an interactive movie

Movies are a go-to choice for date nights. But at some point, it gets too repetitive and boring.

This time around, try something slightly different like interactive movies where the movie plays out based on the options you choose. You can even choose an animation or documentary to see how your choices change the plot of the episode.

Go to a fancy restaurant

We all like to enjoy simple meals like pizza and fries once in a while. You can easily order your food at home as well, so this is an easy option to choose for a couple’s night.

 Dress up for each other and go somewhere fancy [Courtesy]

This is great but you should also plan for something better, like a dinner date where you actually dress up for each other and go somewhere fancy.

This helps you connect with no distractions and, it feels nice to look good for each other.


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