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PHOTOS: Caroline Mutoko on embracing motherhood

 Media personality Caroline Mutoko with daughter Nduku, 10 (Photo: Instagram @caroline.mutoko)

The queen of radio is known for her sultry voice, unapologetic presence and ability to keep us talking with her amazing feats. 

She adopted her firstborn, Nduku, in 2011. In 2019 she revealed that she had a son, Kimeu, whose presence she had kept under wraps like much of her personal life.

 In 2019, she revealed that she had a son, Kimeu (Photo: Facebook/Caroline Mutoko)

While Mutoko has proved to be a maven in the business world, it’s nice to see this softer, more nurturing side of her. In an interview with True Love magazine, she spoke about how motherhood changed her life, “Motherhood has made me more efficient and purposeful. My life, time, money and energy are better utilized.”

 Caroline admits that motherhood has changed her life (Photo: Instagram @caroline.mutoko)

On Nduku’s seventh birthday she wrote on Instagram, “My life is beautiful because of you. I smile more. I laugh more. I love more. I live more. I pray more - because of you. I love you Nduku.”

In a post on Facebook, she admitted to even more surprises motherhood had in store for her: “Ohhh motherhood. So no-one bothered to tell me that children have their own agenda when you have made yours.”

 The mother of two revealed that motherhood is full of surprises (Photo: Instagram @caroline.mutoko)

Since her radio days, Mutoko has made a name for herself in empowering others to live their best lives, something she went further to show us that she does with her children. In another post on Facebook she wrote, “You are Enough! My mother told me that. I tell my daughter that. I'm telling you - in case no one's told you. You. Are. Enough.”

Even though she shares so little about her family, the little she shares serves to inspire many mothers and mothers-to-be and act as a reminder that as a mother we are all trying our best.

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