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Seven ways to get your kids to eat healthier

As you learn to embrace healthy eating, your kids shouldn’t be left out too (Shutterstock)

Healthy eating isn’t always easy. Foods like pizzas, burgers and sugary cakes can distract you from your diet goals. Still, eating healthy has proved to have so many benefits. Your health will be at par and you’ll be able to maintain a healthy weight.

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Unhealthy diets have been associated with heart disease, obesity, diabetes and many other health problems that are possibly fatal. Also, this type of diet has negative effects on your skin and hair. When it comes to psychological health, poor diets encourage esteem issues, stress and so many emotional problems.

As you learn to embrace healthy eating, your kids shouldn’t be left out too. It’s a parent’s duty to ensure they are eating healthy. Let’s be honest, kids aren’t always fans of vegetables, fruits and other healthier food options. But you can always use certain techniques to help them embrace healthy foods.

Here is how

  1. Set an example

It’s impossible to convince your children to eat healthy when you’re not doing so yourself. Monkey see, monkey do. Children get their habits from parents and this shapes their attitudes about certain foods.

If you’re used to skipping the veggies during meals, don’t expect them to be excited about eating them either. But if you embrace them and change your diet, they’ll be more motivated.

It’s a parent’s duty to ensure the kids are eating healthy (Shutterstock)
  1. Start early

Kids will be more resistant to change when they’re already used to eating unhealthy foods for a long time. We’ve heard the saying that old habits die hard, and this is especially true when you’re already hooked on unhealthy foods. Owing to this, you should always start nurturing healthy eating habits before it’s too late.

  1. Don’t stock up on unhealthy snacks

Keeping unhealthy snacks in your house will make it harder for your kids to keep up. They’ll be tempted to eat chocolate bars, cakes, artificial juices or any other unhealthy snacks. Instead, you should trade those in for healthier snacking options like fresh fruit juice, peanuts, dark chocolate, dried fruits and other nutritious snacks.

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  1. Be strict with them

Believe it or not, your kids can manipulate you to get what they want. They might fuss and get sad when you refuse to take them to KFC for the third Sunday in a row but you have to create an emotional barrier so that they won’t manipulate you. They’ll be sad for a while but trust me, they’ll thank you later.

  1. Learn some tasty recipes

Healthy eating doesn’t always have to be boring. You can simply learn some wonderful recipes to make healthy foods taste better. This will encourage you and your kids to love healthy meals and ditch those unhealthy ones which don’t have any real benefits for the body. Research on vegetable recipes, healthy smoothies and get creative when it comes to meals.

  1. Get their input

Involving your kids when shopping, trying new recipes and preparing meals is always a great way to make them embrace healthy eating. Ask them what vegetables they’d like to eat or what new preparation method you should try so as to encourage them. They’ll definitely be more interested in eating what they helped pick out or prepare.

  1. Let them have a cheat meal once in a while

You shouldn’t be too rigid with your kids when it comes to healthy eating. Even the best health and fitness gurus allow themselves to have a cheat meal every now and then as a reward for all their effort. Cheat meals are important because they’ll kill the urge to binge eat unhealthy meals.


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