Evewoman : Man creates very unusual sandwich - and people are disgusted

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Man creates very unusual sandwich - and people are disgusted

Billy's 'Lasagne Sandwich' (Image: Rate My Plate/Facebook)

Supermarket shelves have been stripped bare as people try to stockpile food during Britain's coronavirus lockdown.

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Despite the best efforts of staff, some stores have struggled to re-stock their shelves quickly enough leaving people struggling to buy ingredients for their usual meals.

This means many Brits have had to be increasingly adventurous with what they're cooking.

One Facebook user, Billy K, uploaded a picture of his latest lockdown creation to the group Rate My Plate.

For those who aren't aware of Rate My Plate, it's a community of people who both share and critique pictures of people's dishes - and it can get pretty savage.

While some users share pictures of the gourmet burgers, fry-up's and perfectly decorated cakes, others share slightly more odd combinations.

And it seems Billy definitely falls into the latter category.

Billy shared a picture of his lockdown creation - 'Lasagne Sandwich' - and users are divided.

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Rate My Plate users were divided (Image: Rate My Plate/Facebook)

The post received 11,000 reactions, 20,000 comments and nearly 900 shares. 

In between two pieces of white bread, sure enough was a massive slab of lasagna.

Whilst the sauce didn't look as though it was runny enough to make the bread soggy, it did appear to be missing one vital component - béchamel sauce.

While some people praised Billy for his creation, it's fair to say there were others who were less than impressed.

One person said: "Lasagne = Good, Sandwich = Good. A Lasagne Sandwich, I think I'd like to try this".

Another agreed: "To me almost not even within reason you can put anything savoury between 2 slices of bread and it makes a good sandwich. Excellent effort".

Whereas, a third said: "Otherwise known as constipation sandwich!"

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A fourth added: "Italians have enough heartache at the minute. Without you ruining the lasagne."

Another made a coronavirus stockpiling joke: "This is screaming 'I recently bulk purchased bread, pasta sheets and minced beef, and I’m now having to combine it all into one meal, so that I can use as much of it up before the use by date expires'. Am I correct?!"

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