Evewoman : Head games: Wear it better than Tyra


Head games: Wear it better than Tyra

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Who wore it better? It could be you. Try this elegant chignon that Tyra Banks rocked on the red carpet at the Emmy Awards and clinch that deal you’ve been angling for. You’ll need to add a hair extension to achieve the look.

1. Comb through the hair then make a parting on the left side, use a hair clip to hold it temporarily.

2. Comb through the hair on the right side and divide it into two sections. 

3. Flip the front section towards the back, make a curve then pin to secure. 

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4. Wrap the back section behind your ear then fold and tuck in the ends as you secure them with bobby pins. 

5. Touch-up the edges using a tail comb then finish with holding hair spray.

Photos: Jenipher Wachie 

Model: Kathambi Kathurima

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