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Movie night snacks you can make at home

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Movie nights are a great way to bond and unwind. If you want to take this moment to another level, kick in some good snacks to go along with the movie.

We have a snack selection of some easy to make items that are readily available. Be sure to make a lot of them, as often, the snacks may end before the movie, yet you don't want scenarios where you miss parts of the movie or be forced you to press the pause button.

Garlic popcorn

Flavouring your popcorn makes the snack so different, you'll never want to eat plain salted ones again. For this, pop the corn in the microwave having glazed them in butter with infused garlic. The aroma will keep you dipping your hand into the popcorn bowl.

Spicy potato chips

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Preparing potato chips can be tough, but made easy with this tip. Soak the thinly sliced potatoes in water and parboil in water with vinegar. This ensures the starch is off and once fried, you have crunchy and non-brown chips. Perfectly golden.

Nut so good          

These nuts will make you go nuts. You can choose to use macadamia or peanuts. Toss these babies with salt, melted butter, oregano and some paprika. Bake in the oven for ten minutes or less depending on your heat level. Everyone will watch that movie to the very end.

Smoky almond candies

A sweet tooth? This one is for you. These candied almonds pass as a great snack for their crunch and sweet coating. Like a barbecue, glaze these with sugar coating, smoked paprika and some blackpepper. If you are adventurous, drop some vanilla essence there, mix with egg white and cook. Their beautiful golden color will have you hooked as the taste gets better throughout the movie.

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Bread pizza

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How can this be left out? It's hard for anyone to refuse a pizza offer whether it's for breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner. That's why it makes it on this list. Instead of going the tedious way of making the dough, get some bread pieces and lay them flat, apply your concase and stack your preferred toppings alongside a generous mozzarella cheese adding. Pop in the oven and play your movie in less than ten minutes.

Remember to get some drinks to accompany the snacks you include. It could be some cold beer or a healthy smoothie. Whichever your choice to quench the thirst, sit back, bite on the snacks and press play.

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