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Love it: Overcoming the fear of change

To take the first step, your rational and emotional sides should align (Courtesy)

Fear of change is often driven by fear of the unknown; our brain sends us signals to avoid anything that may cause us physical, emotional or even financial discomfort.

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To take the first step, your rational and emotional sides should align. If one is pushing for change while the other is urging caution, this will create internal conflict that can often seem insurmountable.

The old adage, rest is as good as a change, is not without merit. Sometimes, what may look like procrastination or laziness to change may actually be physical, mental or emotional exhaustion. Taking a mental and physical rest before making any big changes can give you the momentum you need to get out of your comfort zone and take a chance.

If you feel daunted by change, remember that big changes may come from a succession of small changes, no matter how trivial.

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