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Five interesting things women do that men love

When it comes to attraction, most guys are looking for more than just a pretty face (Shutterstock)

As much as women should avoid striving for the attention and validation of men, there are a number of random things women do that men can’t resist. Men don’t only notice your new hairdo, sexy outfit and makeup, they also notice those other things that you do involuntarily.

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When it comes to attraction, most guys are looking for more than just a pretty face. Other aspects of your life add substance to your personality, and that is what will draw him in. Below are five things you probably do all the time and don’t even realise how attractive they are.

  1. Reading in bed

This is something you probably do to relax and unwind after a busy day of staring at a computer screen. Men love watching their woman read a book in bed. There is just something about watching you do an independent activity which you love and doesn’t involve him. If the room is dimly lit on top of it all, he’ll be that much more enchanted by watching you read a book.

Men love watching their woman read a book in bed (Unsplash)
  1. Being kind to a random child

You might be out and about together and spot an adorable child that you can’t help but swoon over. This could be at a restaurant, supermarket or even at church. Your interaction with a random cute baby will excite him because he will love seeing your maternal side. This is regardless of whether or not you’re parents so don’t be afraid to channel your nurturing side in such instances. Just refrain from touching someone else’s child without the parent’s permission.

  1. Stretching

This is a bit of an unexpected one but men enjoy watching a woman stretch. If you’re a gym-goer, try and remember times when you caught a man staring at you while you were stretching. Guys find women who stretch very attractive because of the motions and movements that are made while stretching. According to, their favourite stretch is the one where a woman’s arms are stretched up over her head.

Hearing a woman’s laugh excites a man (Unsplash)
  1. Wearing his clothes

Men love how their woman looks in their clothing. The male physique is different so most clothes will look long, oversize and baggy on a woman’s body and this is why they absolutely love seeing you dressed in their clothing. Stealing your man’s shirt or hoodie is something he loves, just remember to return them!

  1. When you laugh

A man loves seeing a woman that he loves smiling and he will always try to do things to make her chuckle. When he sees his woman happy and having a good time, he is completely smitten. Hearing a woman’s laugh excites a man and he can even do the silliest things to bring out that giggle.

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