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Eight benefits of deep breathing

Deep breathing is the act of consciously inhaling and exhaling deeply (Photo: Shutterstock)

Deep breathing, like the name suggests is basically the practice of inhaling and exhaling deeply through your nose or mouth.

There are many benefits that come with deep breathing. Below we look at some of these benefits and ways you can learn to do it.

i. It helps with anxiety

Many people deal with anxiety on a daily basis. It affects your daily productivity and how you interact with people. Although there are therapy sessions and prescribed medications that help with the symptoms of anxiety, deep breathing could really make a difference when done correctly. If you’re battling anxiety and you feel overwhelmed, you can get instant relief by practicing deep breathing.

ii. Energy boost

We need energy to function. From the moment you wake up, your body needs to produce energy even to get out of bed. In order to handle everything on our to-do lists, we need to maximize our energy levels and one way of doing that is by taking deep breaths. It improves blood flow which is needed for energy production.

Deep breathing helps improve blood flow keeping you rejuvenated (Photo: Shutterstock)

iii. Beauty benefits

The beauty industry is very profitable and will continue to be. Every day, there are new products that are sold to help combat dryness, wrinkles and other skin related issues. One way to improve how your skin looks and feels for free is by doing deep breathing exercises. The process helps with cell regeneration which is essential for vibrant and young looking skin.

iv. It helps with digestion

This is also another great benefit of deep breathing! It helps to increase blood flow to the digestive organs which helps them function better. When the digestive organs function better, you’re able to avoid or at least handle digestion issues like constipation much better. So the next time you feel some discomfort, spare some time for deep breaths.

v. It’s good for anger management

Anger is part of human self-expression. It’s how we let people know that we are disappointed by something or someone. Although it’s good to let things out, anger can often spiral and have huge consequences. Deep breathing is therefore a huge part when it comes to anger management because it instantly helps you relax and release anger in a healthy way.

Deep breathing has many benefits including reducing anxiety and delaying the signs of aging (Photo: Shutterstock)

vi. It’s a natural painkiller

Let’s be honest, not everyone is a fan of medicine. In fact many people would rather avoid taking any medication until it’s absolutely necessary. Medicine can also be expensive so it’s not fun having to buy them constantly. An alternative to painkillers is deep breathing. It boosts the production of endorphins that reduce the sensation of pain. From muscle pain to joint pain or even labor pain, deep breathing handles it all.

vii. It improves sleep

Sleep is essential for everyone. Deep breathing helps your body to recover from the activities of the day and gives you energy to handle the next day. Taking a few minutes to do it is relaxing and stimulates sleep faster. Try it out before bed and you’ll see a difference.

viii. It’s good for the brain

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Our brains are constantly active. It’s the main contributor to what we do and how we feel. In order to be more efficient at your place of work or even school, you’ll need to maintain focus. Thanks to deep breathing exercises, your concentration and memory can improve significantly.

To effectively practice deep breathing, you need to be relaxed (Photo: Shutterstock)

How to deep breathe

Now that we’ve discussed the benefits of deep breathing, the next thing is to learn how to do it right.

• The first step is to relax. You can sit up straight or lie down so that you’re more comfortable.

• Breathe out through your mouth to create more room in your lungs.

• Breathe in through your nose for four seconds.

• Hold your breath for seven seconds while you’re still relaxed.

• Breathe out for eight seconds.

Ensure that you take your time and don’t rush the process. Doing this right will help you discover the full benefits of deep breathing.

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