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Tips on how to stay safe on Kenyan roads this holiday

You can ensure your safety while on the road by avoiding some common causes of road accidents (Shutterstock)

It is December again and a majority will hit the roads to head to ocha. Unfortunately, other than being a period of happiness and merrymaking, December holidays also mark the time of the year with the most road accidents in Kenya. While there are many factors that lead to road accidents, some common causes can be avoided by change in human behavior. Avoiding unnecessary aggression on the roads, not overtaking in a herd - swinging to the right like everyone else in front of you yet you don’t see the front of the line, are some basic human behavior aspects you can maintain while on the road.

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Here are some of the things you can do, as a driver, to stay safe on the roads this Christmas:

Apart from risking lives, did you know speeding burns more fuel? (Shutterstock)

Do not speed

Speeding is a habit that most drivers are guilty of particularly at this time of the year and sadly it’s one of the main causes of road accidents. It is December and no doubt there are more vehicles on the road. Do not speed or compete with the other drivers. Instead, stick to specified speed limits and give way as often as you can even if you have the right of way.

Did you know that apart from putting your life, that of your passengers and other road users in danger, you also burn more fuel when you speed? Speeding is both a risky and costly affair, plan your travel schedule and begin your trip early so that you aren’t tempted to speed to cover up for lost time.

Ensure you are well rested before the trip

When you don’t have adequate rest and sleep right before setting out, you are likely to have driver fatigue. Driver fatigue is a leading cause of road accidents as it makes you lose concentration on the road. You need to be fully focused and aware of what is happening around you at all times while driving

It is a festive period and staying up late hanging out with family and friends is the norm. However, do not come straight from a night out, have a quick freshening up and embark on your long drive upcountry. Ensure you relax and have a good rest before stepping behind the wheel for ocha.

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Service your car before the trip! (Shutterstock)

Repairing your car by the road

First things first. You must service your car before taking your trip. To avoid common highway breakdowns, you must ensure your vehicle is well maintained. Don’t push your car to the limit just because you have to go upcountry, first take it for service.

On the off chance that your car breaks down, don’t have your family stand by the car as you bend repairing by the road. Let them stand some 20 metres away in the roadside. Do not place a tyre on the road while changing a flat tyre. Also, have your triangle placed as far as 70 metres from where your car is. There might be other drivers who are not attentive on the road and it is up you to take precaution. 


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