Five daily habits to banish gas pains (Photo: iStock)

Whether it’s the dreaded food baby or the uncomfortable belly balloon, bloating is a universal discomfort many of us wish to banish.

According to the World Gastroenterology Organization (WGO) bloating symptoms can occur despite the absence of underlying digestive issues.

Could the answer lie in the intricate dance of hormones, gut health, and lifestyle habits?

Here are some quick-fire dos to help fix bloating regardless of the cause:

Move more - Try to be active throughout the day. Avoid sitting down the whole day. This will aid digestion and reduce bloating. Adopt healthy eating habits - Avoid eating too quickly, delaying or skipping meals, and steer clear of fatty, spicy, or processed foods, as well as fizzy drinks and alcohol. Eat sitting down - Opt for an upright posture rather than slumped over while eating to aid digestion and minimise bloating. Sip your beverages without straws - Drinking through a straw can introduce excess air into your system, contributing to bloating. Instead, sip beverages directly from the glass or bottle. Chew thoroughly - Take your time to chew your food thoroughly to aid digestion and reduce the risk of bloating.