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How to break pregnancy news to your boss

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In the work environment, there are many challenges and obstacles that women go through. At one point, you might find yourself looking at a positive pregnancy test right in the middle of your career.

This is great news but the one question that crosses your mind at this time is, ‘how will I tell my boss?’ This can be challenging when figuring out the perfect approach to use.

But with the right work etiquette tips, you should be able to get the message across to your boss.

Here are some of them to consider when you are planning to break the news to your boss that you are pregnant.

i. Be the one to break the news

Telling your colleagues that you are pregnant before you tell your boss could cause you unnecessary trouble. The news could find its way to your boss before you have had time to speak to them.

Ensure you tell your boss first before telling even your closest co-workers. This will give your boss ample time to make the necessary adjustments before the rest of the office has time to form an opinion.

Remember it's best to inform your boss in person and in good time (Photo: Shutterstock)

ii. Prepare your speech beforehand

Before you approach the whole thing, it’s best to prepare what you will say. Part of the information you need to have handy is your expected delivery date, dates when you have doctor’s appointments, any special requests (or conditions) you might have.

Also, you need to go through the company’s policies on maternity leave so that you are aware of your rights as a pregnant mother. This will give you more confidence as you approach your employer with the pregnancy news.

iii. Timing is everything

Pick an appropriate time to tell your boss. This should be when they are free to listen to you and can give you their full attention. Avoid breaking the news in an informal manner, infront of everyone like at a meeting.

Telling them in good time also gives them enough room to plan for your maternity leave and be prepared for the days you might not be able to report to work for one reason or the other.

Prepare all the details you want to pass across beforehand (Photo: Shutterstock)


iv. Do it in person


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Part of work etiquette is addressing a matter head on. Avoid breaking the news through email or your co-workers while you are missing in action. Telling them directly is seen as a sign of respect and that you value your employer. You can follow up with an email as a way of documenting the interaction.

v. Be professional

As you talk to your boss about the pregnancy, remember to keep it direct and professional. This is a work environment so things should still be handled with seriousness. Addressing the news can be slightly nerve wrecking because you aren’t sure how they will react. However, you need to be composed so that you can communicate effectively.

At this point, be direct and honest about when you expect to deliver and therefore need to start maternity leave. It’s best to maintain a good rapport. Remember, they need you but probably not as much as you need them. For this reason, you have to be careful how you navigate these deep waters.

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