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Basic underwear changes you need to make

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No good outfit is complete without the right undergarments. It’s also not very lady-like to walk around with visible bra straps or panty lines. Wearing the wrong undergarments does your outfit a huge injustice, it’s just not a good look, at all! Worry not though, finding good under pieces will not cut too far into your hard-earned coins, just as long as you stick to a few basic, everyday pieces.

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The first rule to follow when shopping for undergarments is to stick to seamless pieces. Be it bras, underwear or shapewear. Avoid underwear with thick hemming, so that they’re not visible above your clothing. A great second option is lace underwear. They’re typically light with no thick layer of hem stitching, making them look invisible above clothing.

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If you have absolutely no choice but to buy and wear underwear with thick hemming, be sure to wear something that will cover those areas of your body. Say a coat or cardigan. In addition to this, stick to darker shades of undergarments whenever you’re wearing something light or bright. A lady should never show her under garments!

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Fashion and beauty content creator, Shirley B. Eniang, recommends a girdle - control shorts made of spandex material. These smooth out your lower body, holding everything together underneath your clothes. Food baby? No problem. Cellulite? Nil. It’s best to wear girdles under tight fitting clothes, especially fitting dresses. Your body will look more smoothed out with this magical piece of undergarment, and your confidence will level up!

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