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Friday Fashion Inspo: Rihanna, we still need an album girl!

Took me 15 minutes to come up with a good intro worth of Rihanna...I still got nothing.

Apart from music, Miss Riri is a fashion icon, business mogul, fashion designer and possibly the next president (a girl can only hope). Now, unless you have been living under a rock with no WI-FI signals, you must know that her fashion line Fenty is everything a girl wishes to own. And the lingerie line Savage x Fenty just screams sex appeal, dip me in honey and let me glisten in the African sunlight kind of vibe.

Enough of the nonsense, we are here to bask in her beauty, lets get to it:

Isn't this the sweaters our aunties are always wearing? Hmmm...a look!
High-key tempted to find out if this comes in an XXL
My belly would never cooperate with this dress..
I need her to be a Bond girl and steal/ recover some jewels with this outfit
I dare y'all meagre mortals to try this and watch how you 'ladies' will flap in the wind
Tour de France at 6 and Business meeting at 10. But I'm here for it's Rihanna after all
How are you able to walk around in this string like shoe? Also, black is totally your colour
How did you know grey was my favourite colour Riri? ..aww you shouldnt have

Images: Instagram @badgalriri

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