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Four things to do for your rooms every day

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Life can be a never-stopping ferris wheel and so, like hamsters, we can get stuck in that repetitive cycle. This can affect the way you live and enjoy your space. There are daily habits you need to cultivate to keep your home from getting swallowed by the daily motions. Think of it as resetting the factory settings for your room at the end of each day. Every room will need less than ten minutes.

1. Clean up before bedtime

Every evening before bedtime, make it a habit to clean up the living room. Fluff pillows and re-arrange them on the couch. Clear all toys and items lying around on the floor. Clear the coffee table. Put remote controls in their respective spots.

2. Always be ready for a meal

The dining area needs to always be ready for a meal throughout the day. At the end of the day, clear any items lying on the table. Push the dining chairs back in place. Replace the décor and table runners. Clean the dining area rug or floor.

3. Keep all counters clear

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The kitchen takes a large share of all the day’s activities. Almost everything takes place in the kitchen, which makes it the hardest room to keep tidy. The golden rule to maintaining order and sanity in the kitchen is to keep all counters clean and clear.

Replace spices, jars and canisters in their respective spots. Always keep your oven and cooktops free from sufurias and pans. Clear the sink -- there is nothing worse than starting a new day with a sink full of dirty dishes.

4. Tidy up every morning

Bedrooms are better tidied up in the morning. Take three minutes every day to make your bed and lay out pillows. Hang any clothes in the closet and clear your nightstand and chest of drawer counters.

When you repeat these steps every day for 30 minutes, your home will begin to show signs of being well cared for and, in return, it will reward you with a welcoming ambience when you get home to relax.

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