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My word: Eye protection is not a new idea

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According to historians, the first known wearers of sunglasses were judges in 12th Century China who wore crude slabs of smoked quartz over their eyes. Roughly-shaped frames held the ‘lenses’ over the judges’ faces to shield their eyes from the bright sun and to hide their emotions as they questioned the accused and passed judgements in emotional cases.

In the 1920s, Hollywood actors wore improved versions of sunglasses to shield their eyes from bright studio lights. And as actors became social icons, so did sunglasses.

Nearly a century later, sunglasses are desirable as an accessory, not only for the purpose of fashion and comfort but also as vital protection from ultraviolet radiation.

I recently had an encounter with eye trouble and it got me reading about the effects of prolonged exposure to the sun. I had always appreciated sunglasses for comfort but I gained new respect for the accessory as a health aid. Turn to our fashion pages for ideas on how to frame your face with this handy accessory.

Also, get familiar with the fears of women who get anxious about childbirth. At what point do these fears stop being normal and turn into a condition of concern?

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