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High heel hacks that will keep you comfortable all day

After diamonds, heels are a strong contender for second place as a girl’s best friend.  They have a way of making you feel sexy and glamorous without trying too hard.

However, if we are honest with ourselves, heels can often be very uncomfortable especially if you have to walk around in them all day. But we still love them and lust after every new style that pops up in the market. With the right tips and tricks, you won’t have to throw away a pair that you love.

Here are some hacks you can apply to make them more bearable and comfortable to wear.

1. Find the right type

This is one of the first steps of ensuring you are comfortable. Take into consideration your foot shape, length and thickness of heels as well as the arch angle. If you often wear unsuitable heels i.e. those that are too high, you might end up rushing to the doctor complaining of backache. Buy heels that offer more support such as platform or block heels which are more comfortable than stilettos.

2. Buy a size larger

If you look at many celebrity photos at social events, you might notice that they wear shoes that are slightly bigger in size. Remember that as the day progresses, the size of your foot increases. Thus, if you’re going to be wearing heels the whole day, they are bound to become unbearable at some point. To help with this, wearing heels that are slightly larger than your regular shoe size gives enough room for extra padding, securing tapes and insoles to prevent sore feet.

3. Prep the heels

The heels of new shoes can be slippery especially if they don’t have sufficient grip. Before you wear them, get some sandpaper or rub the base of the heels on a rough surface in order to give them grip and prevent slipping.

4. Break them in

New shoes tend to be ill-fitting. They need to be worn a few times before they take up the shape of your fit and become comfortable. To help with preventing blisters resulting from your new shoes, wear them with a thick pair of socks a few times before you wear them out.

5. Gel insoles

Gel insoles are perfect for day to day wear and events. They help prevent your toes from being too squeezed and also reduce the pressure on your feet. Consider stocking up on gel insoles to help you stay glamorous in your heels without getting too exhausted.

5. Heel-to-toe rule

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This is one of the holy grails of walking in heels. Practice how to step heel first as you step on the ground then follow up with the toes. This way, walking in them becomes more bearable because your feet will be less tired. If you are attending a garden party, however, you should do the opposite. This will prevent your heel from digging into the grass if you step with the heel first.

6. Take small steps

Taking small steps as you walk is also a great tip for heel lovers. For this reason, it’s probably not a good idea to wear very high stiletto heels when you are running late for a meeting. You might fall, twist your ankle or even break your heel in the process. Keep practising on how to take small steady steps in your heels in order to find your balance and be more comfortable in them.

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