Evewoman : 10 signs it’s time to let them go


10 signs it’s time to let them go

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After investing so much money, time and emotions in a relationship it can be hard to let go.

It breaks your heart when you think of all the good memories you shared and it is painful to fathom that the fairytale you held on to for so long could be no more.

As you ponder your next move, letting go may be the most empowering thing you will ever do. While you might have had great hopes for your relationship, you can’t force anyone to love you or treat you right. Here are signs that will help you realize if your relationship has run its course.

1. Toxic tendencies

When the relationship has no boundaries and no respect, certain things get overlooked such as violence and verbal abuse. If the relationship feels toxic for any reason, it’s time to consider ending it before any more damage is done.

2. No effort

A relationship usually requires effort from both parties. Occasionally, one party might feel ignored and abandoned when they are putting more effort than their partner. When the relationship feels one sided even after multiple discussions, it might mean that the other person just isn’t ready to put in their all into the relationship. Run!

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3. Too many arguments

Disagreements are part of any relationship. We often have different opinions and points of view which is normal in any relationship. However, when disagreements become to frequent or they escalate to full blown arguments, it may do more damage to a relationship that is already fragile. If you’ve tried to find a middle ground but you’re constantly butting heads, it may be time to let go.

4. No physical touch

When there is no hugging, sex or any other natural physical connection or you find yourself feeling repulsed by your partner’s touch, then you need to evaluate if your relationship is working or not. Lack of physical touch may be an indication that you no longer have a connection, desire to be together and is a clear sign it’s time to move on.

5. Broken trust

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When a relationship experiences broken trust, it can be difficult to recover the original happiness that was there in the beginning. This can happen when one or both partners cheat. Broken trust often leads to other insecurities, further destroying the relationship. If you do not wish to work on regaining each other’s trust, it may be a sign that it’s time to part ways.

6. Incompatibility

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While it may not be possible to know your partner fully in just a few months sometimes even years, you will notice traits that might rub you the wrong way. As you get to know your partner you might find that they have certain habits and values that are incompatible with your own. Don’t force the relationship when you discover things that you are not willing to compromise. It might be better to end the relationship. There’s no need to waste each other’s time.

7. No direction

It is definitely frustrating when you feel like the relationship has no sense of direction. You may feel like you both have different goals and intentions as far as the relationship is concerned, which may be detrimental to any relationship. If you feel that the relationship is leading to a dead end that might be a sign that it needs to end.

8. When people notice

A great way to gauge whether it’s time to let go is by having an open mind and listening to what people you trust have to say. The best advice comes from family and friends who you deeply trust. They often notice things that are off in the relationship which may not be obvious to you initially. When people start to notice that you are not happy, be honest with yourself and decide whether it’s best to separate.

9. No time together

One of the most direct signs of a dying relationship is when you both barely spend time together. Step back and analyse whether you have been living separate lives for a long time. When you and your spouse start to feel like roommates rather than lovers, it might be time to move on.

10. You don’t miss them

When you start to notice that you don’t miss your partner at all when they are away, the relationship might be having underlying challenges. If you start fantasizing or developing feelings for someone else, you might have already checked out of the relationship without knowing it.

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