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Home style: How maths can make your home more beautiful

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Arranging a living room can be daunting especially if the room lacks certain traditional architectural aspects.

However, when you get acquainted with the geometry of decorating a room, you will decorate any living room layout that your building presents.

1. Pick a focus on the wall

When you walk into a room, what is the first point you notice? That should be your focal wall. It does not have to come with a fireplace or a default television cable. It could be a wall or a window.

Find ways to bring life to this point by use of art, paint, wall treatments and paintings.

2. Triangulate

Arrange the furniture pieces in your living room to simulate triangles.

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Two accent chairs at a corner anchored by an end table are an example of a triangle.  A bookshelf next to a couch and an armchair forms a type of triangle too. Find the triangles in your space and make them work.

3. Pick a centre on the floor

Pick the centre of your room. It does not have to be the centre of the perimeter you are working with as sticking to this will leave you with a lopsided room.

The centre you pick is where your actual or imaginary coffee table would go and people would sit around it.

If you have a long room you might need two centre points and create two sitting zones.

4. Go easy on the perimeter

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We mean the surrounding walls. Every good designer knows the importance of bare wall space to let the eyes rest. The geometry of design is simple to work with and will ensure your room looks professionally put together.

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