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Four ways to get him to notice you

Getting a man to notice you can be frustrating

So, you’ve noticed this guy but you’re not sure he even knows you exist. While this isn’t uncommon, it doesn’t make it any less frustrating. Waiting for a guy to make a move is not only annoying but can also be the longest wait ever.

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Some men do not like the idea of a woman making the first move. Others love it and see it as bravery. Whichever way you choose to catch your guy's attention, make sure you do not overdo it.

The tips below can help you get the attention of the guy you like and if you are lucky enough, you may end up getting that date you have been waiting for.

1. Do not be an attention seeker

You desperately want to get his attention so what do you do? You try too hard. Yes, he will notice you but it will be for the wrong reasons.

To avoid looking like a desperate attention seeker, avoid walking past him unnecessarily or chatting too loudly just so that he can hear all the dates you have been on recently or all the fun things you have been doing. Avoid outright staring at him or even winking at him (This only works once you’re an item, like an inside joke). Instead, glance in his direction and if you happen to catch his eye, flash a little smile and quickly look away.

2. Make eye contact.

When you catch the eye of the guy you fancy, hold it for a short while. When you hold it for too long you end up looking creepy. If you hold it for too short a time, he might not see the signal. Keep it brief. You don't want to look too eager. 

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Keep it subtle and make a good first impression

3. Make a good first impression.

The first impression anybody has of you sets the tone for the opinion they will have of you. You only have one chance to make a good first impression. If you catch his eye and he comes up to you to start a conversation, make sure you smile (practice your best smile if you have to), be friendly and flirty. Show him that you are interested. You do not, however, want to come out too strong at this point.  Avoid any negativity and keep the conversation light and fun.

4. Be an interesting person. 

Keep the conversation flowing by picking interesting topics to talk about. You can even prepare beforehand. Talk about something you saw in the news or online, laugh at his jokes and even crack some of your own. Hobbies are sure to capture anybody’s attention. You might even find you share some common interests. If you recently did anything mind-blowing, talk about it. He is bound to see what an outside-the-box girl you are. Be playful, flirtatious and spontaneous and he will get hooked.

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