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Eight travel accessories you must have on your next trip

The right accessories provide comfort and convenience for a smooth journey

We all have travel accessories we consider essential while travelling. The right accessories provide us with comfort and convenience for a smooth journey.

Here is a list of essentials you should consider adding to your list the next time you travel.

1. Luggage locks and tags

Realizing that your bag is lost, has been broken into or has been interchanged with another person’s, can give you a mini heart attack right there and then. You can easily lose your belongings and have to go through a long process to recover your luggage in case of anything. Avoid this by purchasing quality locks to ensure that nobody else has access to your belongings. Also, buy some conspicuous luggage tags with your name and some contact details. This will ensure that you can easily spot your bag and make recovery easier in case of a mix-up.

2. Comfort accessories

Travelling for long distances can leave you exhausted. Luckily, there are some simple accessories you can purchase to make the journey more enjoyable. Purchase a travel neck pillow to provide your neck with ergonomic support while you travel. This will prevent a sore and stiff neck that can dampen your mood while on arrival. Another option is purchasing compression socks that promote muscle recovery after long journeys.

3. Power banks

This is one of the most essential travel accessories that will save you as a traveller. In case your phone battery dies, a power bank will ensure you stay in contact with others without any stress. Your trip can easily be ruined if your battery dies and there is no way of getting a charger. It will cause pick up delays and many other inconveniences. Handle this by ensuring you have a charged power bank with you as you travel.

4. Personal internet connection

This comes in handy when you need constant GPS connections. When travelling to unfamiliar locations, the last thing you need is lost signals and poor internet connection. Ensure that you have a Virtual Private Network or travel size router with you to keep you connected to Google maps and other applications you may need. A personal internet connection also protects you from hackers that prey on personal information.

Items such as labels, power banks, toilet bags, etc. will prevent common travel accidents

5. Travel toilet bags

Having a travel size toilet bag as well as a travel size makeup bag will help you organize your essentials. These bags have specifically been made with extra storage compartments and have been enforced with materials to prevent your toiletries from breaking and leaking in case they open. Use these bags instead of mixing your toiletries with other items in your bag.

6. Travel bottles

Travel bottles are small containers used to store liquid toiletries while travelling. These bottles save you the burden of a heavy bag from carrying big shampoo bottles, perfumes and other liquid toiletries you might need on your trip. Transfer small amounts of your essentials into the bottles. They also prevent spillage as they are leak proof.

7. Pill organizer

If you are under medication and travelling, a pill organizer will come in handy. These organizers allow you to keep track of your medication and ensure you don’t skip a day. Prior to travelling, organize all your medication according to the day markings on the container. You don’t have to carry around boxes of medication anymore. This accessory will easily sort you out.

8. Anti-crease bags

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If you frequently travel for business, you probably don’t have time to iron your clothes all the time. Anti-wrinkle storage bags are the best option to keep your clothes from getting unwanted fold lines and creases.

These accessories can easily be found on online shopping sites.

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