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Pomp and colour as Team Embrace visits Wajir County

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Embrace Kenya is a group of women comprising of female leaders and organisations such as UN Women, Equality Now, Creaw, Ngaaf and Black Light, among others. Members dress in white with a touch of pink for their events as they reflect on the worrying killing of women that have rocked the nation in recent past.

Taking their message of goodwil to the people of Wajir, the team of women leaders painted the county in their theme colours of pink and white:

The leaders visited Habasweni Sub county, Wajir County, where they held a rally

Wajir Women Rep Fatuma Gedi hosted the Embrace Team

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Likoni MP Mbishi Mboko flanked by Wajir Woman Representative Fatuma Gedi
Mombasa Woman Representative Asha Mohamed

Labour CS Ukur Yattani, Wajir South MP Omar Mohamed and Wajir Deputy Governor Ahmed Mukhtar joined Team Embrace as they toured the county donating equipment in hospitals, foodstuffs and cheques for women and youth groups.

Wajir South MP Omar Mohamed (from left) Labour CS Ukur Yattani,Wajir Women Representative Fatuma Gedi and Wajir Deputy Governor Ahmed Mukhtar

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