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Kitchen gadget: Potato masher

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I consider this a must-have in my kitchen drawer but I have never figured out why it is called a potato masher yet it mashes more than just potatoes. The one I have is more than 15 years old; they are definitely durable and the basic design has not changed much over the years. They consist of a single upright handle connected to a stainless steel mashing head which is usually a round stainless steel plate with holes. That describes my masher which is still available in shops today. The newer versions have what looks like a sideways handle. Others have an arch handle and a mashing head with a zig zag coil. Whichever you chose to buy, they all do the same thing.

On one of those days when you don’t have much energy to do heavy cooking, throw a couple of washed and halved potatoes into a pot of boiling water then allow them to boil until soft. Drain excess water; add some milk or cooking cream and butter or margarine. Season it with salt and pepper then mash away.

I enjoy my mashed potatoes plain and if I have left over stew or sauce, I add it to my meal of mashed potatoes.

You can get a masher for Sh300-3,000 depending on brand and quality.

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