Evewoman : A celebrity make-up artist shares tips on how to use make-up to give you a younger look


A celebrity make-up artist shares tips on how to use make-up to give you a younger look

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Have you ever had the feeling that you've got far too much make-up but not much of an idea if you're using it all in the right way?

Join the club.

This feeling gets worse as you get older and you’re trying to look more youthful.

Three women shared their questions on how to use the make-up they already own to give them a more youthful look.  With the help of celebrity make-up artist Ariane Poole they were able to get help on how to achieve this elusive younger look.

Sinead, 43

I like a red lip, but being tall, I feel a bit like I’m in drag if I have too much make-up on.

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Ariane says:


Don’t be afraid of red lips - they can be flattering at any age. Choose a red shade with a slightly blue undertone (a pinkier red, rather than an orangier one) to whiten the teeth.

I’m doing Sinead’s lips first so you can adapt the eye to suit it, rather than the other way around.

Fill the whole lip in with lip liner, not just the edges as it gives more depth of colour and helps stop any feathering around the edges.

Turn the pencil on to its side so you’re using the long edge instead of the point, then go over the top with your colour.


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There are no rules about mascara on lower lashes, just don’t overdo it. Because the eyes are so simple here, I think top and bottom lash mascara really frames the eyes and looks great.


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As you get older, move your blusher down. Most women wear it high, which makes sense because you start with it on the apples of your cheeks when you’re younger, but as you age your apples move down slightly, so move the blusher with them.

Adele, 45

I’m still drawn to the beautiful sparkly things, but I know you’re not supposed to wear shimmer past a certain age…

Ariane says:

Sparkly eyeshadow

You can still wear sparkle after 40. Most of us have a bold eyeshadow we bought in a daring moment, lingering in the bottom of the make-up bag. Just wet it with a thin, tapered brush and use it just over the top lash line as eyeliner. It’s subtle enough for daytime but still has eye-catching sparkle.


It’s not what liner you wear, it’s how - Adele has deep set eyes, but she doesn’t have hooded lids (people always confuse the two), so she looks great with a bold liner.

Stop the line just before the outer edge of the top lashes - if you take it right to the outer corner it can make the eyes appear to droop.


For perfect brows, comb them down first, then fill them in along the top line, so you get a perfect shape that follows your own eyebrow. That gets you a softer and more natural line than filling in from the bottom, then finish by brushing them back into place.

The only thing I’m going to add is a brow mascara in blonde over the top as it means you can really fill in all the sparse bits with your pencil, then go over it for more texture and softness, so you don't have a harsh brow.


Most people are afraid of blush but as we get older it becomes one of the most important things.

Just like hair goes grey, skin loses pigment: blusher brings it back. Use a cream blush for a gorgeous natural flush. The powder blush over the top too for a bolder, more youthful (and longer-lasting) glow.


Go a little stronger on the lips - use both lip liner and lip colour. Line on the very outside edge of the lip line - not actually outside it - but just along the edge, to give a natural volume – natural, but as much as possible.

Kam, 53

I guess I’m in a rut with my make-up, though I try not to be. I have this beautiful palette of purples and plums, but you can see I’ve hardly used it.

Ariane says:


Use a primer on her lids for a great, even base. Take the eyeshadow higher up into the eye socket too – don’t stop below the crease, go right into it for a softer look.

I’m applying the eyeshadow with my finger, which gives a nice depth to the pigment and a softer, less powdery finish - you also get less drop than you would with a brush (which really shows up on older skin).


A soft liner done with darker eyeshadow is really flattering.

Rather than a harsh black eye pencil, I’m using the dark purple shade from the palette and just blending it to give a smoky liner effect.


Women spend so much time worrying about whether they have the best mascara, but curling your lashes will make a bigger difference.

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