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Woman 'catches mother-in-law doing something that chills her to her core'

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A woman has claimed she caught her mother-in-law red-handed tampering with her pack of condoms

The anonymous young woman, who says she's in her late-20s, explained how she and her husband have been married for two years.

The couple have been saving for six years and are building their dream home.

In order to save on paying rent, they accepted an offer from her husband's parents to move into their house to stay for a while.

She claims she's been close to her mother-in-law, Kathy*, since she and husband Pete started dating.

"Kathy has been like a second mum to me. We go shopping together, have coffees, and will call each other for a gossip about anything and everything," she said.

But she says she and Pete are also put under immense pressure to start a family, as Kathy doesn't yet have any grandchildren.

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"Since we moved in, Kathy had really ramped up her efforts to encourage Pete and I to start trying for a baby," she recealed.

"She'd show me pictures of babies in magazines talking about how cute they were.

"She'd start conversations about what surname our children will have."

The daughter-in-law says she would politely deflect the questions but Kathy was persistent, asking her why they won't just "get on with it" and pointing out she could look after the baby if they had one while they were still living at her house.

"I calmly explained to Kathy it wasn’t part of our plan, and that we’d decide when the time was right.

"But I felt for her too – I could see Kathy was lonely and probably a bit bored. She was looking to us to provide some purpose in her day-to-day life."

"The next week, I caught her doing something that chilled me to my core".

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The woman claims she caught her mother-in-law at her bedside table with an upholstery needle in one hand and a line of condom packets in the other.

"I'm unable to take the pill because I don't respond well the hormones, so Pete and I have been using condoms - and we never take any risks.

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"I was shocked and furious. There was no point making excuses - I'd caught Kathy red-handed."

She pressed Kathy for more information and she tearfully apologised and revealed she had done it before - meaning the couple had been taking risks the whole time they'd been living in her house.

Pete and his wife moved out of the house as soon as they found an apartment to rent.


*Names changed to protect identities.

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